Salvage Project Under Wraps!

A while back, my sister Alice took my parent’s nice point-n-shoot Canon camera to a party… she got trashed, dropped the camera and stepped on the LCD. I decided to see if there was a way to salvage the camera… to my surprise… there was! My family asked if I could perform the repairs, so I may take their request upon myself to do it. The initial investment is $60, but they did infer like the fact that if I can salvage the camera that it will be mine. I may just challenge myself with a project that could be fun! Stay tuned! I will see if I can get pictures of the repair via another person or someone being a camera person from my HTC Kaiser!

[Rant] Humanity, Thou Art Not as Sacred as Thy Claims…

Proceed with Caution

Disclaimer: I am not a proponent of religion over science nor am I a part of a Buddhist sect. This is just a personal musing I happened to stumble on.

Last night, I got into a rather heated debate with a few friends of mine in regards to religion and how so many people are lacking in their faith in the modern day. Sure, we have science, but does it eliminate that there are forces beyond our own that we should revere and respect? It got my friends talking on how people almost have become egocentric with how society has advanced more and more in technology. Conversely, when the world turns topsy-turvey to these same people, they start spouting off something close to the following rhetoric:

Dear God, I am (in) [insert random expletive phrase here]. I pray to God that I am not [insert expletive here]. I never wanted it to become like that! Please God, help me!

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