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Explainations for Disappearing and A Teaser

Personal things in life have happened so I went on a temporary hiatus to solve them all. Through it all… I managed to clear the storm with minor scrapes and bruises… Hopefully, you may be seeing me post a little more than usual.

With that said… My friend Jael is getting her T-Mobile MyTouch 3G tomorrow hopefully, so I hope to meet with her this Friday to do a mini-review on it with her. Expect it to be a dual opinion review as I will be documenting her opinions as well as my own. For now… I leave you with the mental image of playing either World of WarCraft or Left 4 Dead to vent the agony of math class.

2 Male Grooming Reviews in the Works!

On returning home to Dallas this weekend, I was greeted by a parcel in my office. It was a plain looking parcel, except it had the postal seal from Barney’s New York from my grooming contact, Alfred. I would open it up and find two of the hallowed lines of male grooming inside. Some items from Men Science and Action by Anthony were enclosed as well as a kind note from Alfred! Expect these reviews to be up very soon, this way, guys who are looking for something refined this holiday season can put some of these on their Christmas lists!

Keep a watch of the updates! I assure you that I will not disappoint!

Week’s Agenda… I think?

This week will probably be rather crunchy… or fall to mush… I have not a clue. I know my brain has been crunching chemistry to exhaustion. I think I am going to have to submit to my weak mortal whims to procure food. Damn mortality… well, sometimes anyhow. Chemistry will battle wits with me in nearly 17 hours so I have to crunch hard and make sure I completely absorb the materials like it is infused in the blood.

Depending on how finances look… I may or may not be getting World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King. I have been through some pretty rough financial times, but I should be no stranger to them anyhow. I would love to get it mainly so I can evaluate it and post a review right away! Although, Miss Wyno said it may not be any good to me anyways as I won’t be able to utilize most of the content in Northrend until I have a character at Level 80. So maybe it is for the best..?

In good news..! I may have found a niche as a male fashion blogger! Alfred from Barney’s New York out in Northpark Center is sending me some sample goods which I should be recieving sometime this week! Many thanks goes to him and I definitely look forward to writing another enthusiastic review over everything I recieve. Hopefully I can get some pictures and provide another good review for any guys who want another perspective on male grooming and care.

I hope to get another good piece written this week… maybe I can get the long overdue “Day in the Life of Zero” post up and online? LOL! 😀 We’ll see as that’s semi dependent on how my mind can take a mental beating of savage proportions with chemistry. Ough…

Ugh… my stomach is now uncontrollably asking me to feed it. I think that’s my cue to vamoose and feed me before the low glucose levels make me cranky as hell. Keep watching here! It should get especially fun especially ’round Thanksgiving holiday!

PS – Ivy had a bit of a hard transition happen as well as the fact that she sorta hurt her knee! Please wish her well and hopefully she’ll get an article on there soon!

Much love,

;-) I got my hands on something really pretty…

It’s been a long while since I have done a tech review… I managed to stumble into a friend who must remain anonymous who happens to have the 3 killer Blackberry phones and helped me play around with some development kits to play with the phone’s software. Unfortunately, I can’t take pictures of his phones but I can give you my thoughts on the Blackberry Storm (9500), Blackberry Bold (9000), and Blackberry Pearl Flip (8220). I have been a bit too enamored in the Blackberry Storm as it’s multi-touch is seriously spiffy! Once I can sit down and throughly review the Bold and Pearl Flip, expect me to throughly put my thoughts here.

I can say that RiM is looking to really make smart phones accessible to the masses… The 9500 Storm series is positive step forward! However… the GSM version will not be making it to American shores yet. At this moment, Vodafone does in the European and Asian markets, while Verizon holds the market for the CDMA version.

Keep your eyes hear for my thoughts on these smartphones!

“One for the Road!”

Before I turn into a pumpkin and meet sweet slumber… I think I may make a custom build and archive it to XDA Developers as a build for their “ROM Kitchen”. The build I have formed is stable, functional, yet beautiful. It is a fusion of the OEM HTC TyTN II Windows Mobile 6.1 build with bits and pieces obtained from the HTC Touch yet in a balance that is simply lean and minimal in lag. I can definitely post details of my build for those who wish to replicate it and I hope to also obtain screen captures of my Kaiser in action.

I do know one thing… I will definitely need a name for my build, should I go through with archiving it and making it available for public consumption. As much as I love Shinra from Final Fantasy 7’s fame, I can’t call it the “Shinra Enterprise Mobile Device” build due to legal copyright trademarks and all the legal mumbo-jumbo. It will have to be based on the ideals of my website, surely. If anyone has ideas for a name, feel free to pitch a comment up!

With this… I bid thee adieu!

Salvage Project Under Wraps!

A while back, my sister Alice took my parent’s nice point-n-shoot Canon camera to a party… she got trashed, dropped the camera and stepped on the LCD. I decided to see if there was a way to salvage the camera… to my surprise… there was! My family asked if I could perform the repairs, so I may take their request upon myself to do it. The initial investment is $60, but they did infer like the fact that if I can salvage the camera that it will be mine. I may just challenge myself with a project that could be fun! Stay tuned! I will see if I can get pictures of the repair via another person or someone being a camera person from my HTC Kaiser!

Possible Teaser and Lock-In for a Password to the Vault

In my drunken sleep last night, I mused about a funny post about how I think I have given up on dating women… be it online or offline. Too many God damn flakes and people who just suck at life. I will say that online dating has proved to be humorous, but hell… I have had enough of that. Should my loyal and devout readers want to get an “uncut”, swear-word riddled journey to debauchery and madness that will probably have them laughing until they go into organ failure… I will post up my “exploits” as a password locked post for your savory enjoyment.

I know I need to decide a winner, but let’s hope for tomorrow!

Idea: Bluetooth Headset Shoot-Out AND A Contest!

So I am debating on shooting out 2 of the most popular noise canceling headsets on the market that are aimed at fashion and function aficionados. I have one headset, I just need to pick up the other. For this review, I do need someone who’s willing to volunteer some time to take images of the headset and it being worn. Optionally, a “model” for the headset would be best as I don’t think it’d be attractive to be taking snaps of me. If you would like to volunteer your efforts, let me know, I will compensate you for your time, be you a photographer or a “model”.

If you’re in the Dallas, Texas area and do not mind volunteering your efforts for possibly food and drink for either being a model or a photographer for my review… Drop me a line here at info@zeroxr.com and let me know!

There’s more to this all though…

I will keep one of the headsets from the shoot-out and as for the other one… I will be GIVING IT AWAY! Yes, that’s right..! I will be giving one of these high end Bluetooth headsets after the review. The offer is for both people local to Dallas and outside of Dallas. However if you are not local to Dallas, we’ll have to talk about shipping arrangements. I have not decided what the contest will be about, but I will work on drafting up the details tonight and hopefully have it posted up by the time the review goes live. If you’d like to help me with rules and errata, drop me a line on my messengers, IRC, or at my info@zeroxr.com mailbox.