ZeroXR 13mg – An ideal everyone desires to seek

Some readers are probably wondering “Why ZeroXR for your nickname and blog title?”, if they haven’t asked already. The meaning is something that is significant to me and comes from an observation from my 4 years of living in the “real world” rather than the isolated bubble my family kept me in. I realize that my “lock-in” was to breed perfection into my life, but it was at the cost of my social skills. The moment I struck out on my own… I knew the “secret” everyone was searching and dying for.

From the years of 2003 – 2007 on living the life of the working class, I got to see what it was like to fight with blood, sweat and tears for the dreams of every person had done before me. I knew what it meant to “hit absolute rock bottom” but once I had come to the bottom, I could begin to rebuild. In some cultures, the rebuilding after a great collapse is seen as “The Way of Perfection” and that is when the true progress of well being begins. From the rebirth, that is when we realize what our ideals are. The material, spiritual, emotional, and the social facets with regard to building our integrity properly. I am far from perfection, but I do know the “philosophy” that all humans have within their minds.

With my occupation in medicine and being fascinated by philosophy from many cultures, I have decided to name this chase to perfection as: ZeroXR. The word “Zero” representing a duality of thoughts: absolute perfection and a blank slate. The blank slate is representative of how the journey to attaining perfection must come from self destruction. Absolute perfection is the key ideal that everyone wants to reach, be it realistic or unrealistic is all in the eye of the beholder. The initials “XR” are from my occupation where “eXtended Release” is commonly abbreviated for a drug that works for 12 hours to an entire day. Let’s put it together…

“The extended state of absolute perfection” or “The continual journey to perfection”

This demonstrates that there are two sides to the coin: humans either want to maintain perfection or desire to chase it. I am on the chase, but I have observed many cases where people have been fighting to maintain their definition of perfection. I know that everyone out there is striving for a dream, goal or ideal. This haven is a tribute to those chasing after perfection. For those who know and have perfection, I hope my writings and musing will help you on your journeys.

Oh, the 13mg part? Thirteen is my lucky number and it’s to make the name seem like it’s an anti-depressant or pain management drug.

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