About Wyno

Bonjour! As of July 18, 2008 I, Wyno, am the new staff editor at ZeroXR! I hope to be efficient and supply readers with fun, sophisticated, and sometimes educational articles while also expanding the limits of my writing abilities.

The name Wyno comes from Kathwyn, which embarassingly comes from my old days of roleplaying. So, despite the attempt of many to pronounce it “Why-no”, it is in fact “Win-no” like a winner. Honestly, who would want to be called Why-no? It sounds more like a noise than a name. No offense to anyone’s name pronounced in that fashion…

Some of my hobbies include arts and crafts, particularly graphic design. One of my passions is reading whether it be from biographies to fiction. On occasion I also enjoy anime if it has an actual story worth watching, that is. Finally, if it can be considered a hobby… Is my best friend and worst enemy-sleep. I love sleep. I would marry sleep. But it’s such a waste of time, don’t you think?

Though knowing what people like is a fine step in getting to know them, there are two things I find completely intolerable. Smoking and drinking. You can imagine how much fun I had in Vegas but that’s a story for another time. Next on the list is stupidity. On the other hand, I do find intelligence very attractive. Other than those few things, I can tolerate most everything else.

Well, I think that’ll suffice for an About Wyno page. Hope you get to know me better through my writing.

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