Possible Teaser and Lock-In for a Password to the Vault

In my drunken sleep last night, I mused about a funny post about how I think I have given up on dating women… be it online or offline. Too many God damn flakes and people who just suck at life. I will say that online dating has proved to be humorous, but hell… I have had enough of that. Should my loyal and devout readers want to get an “uncut”, swear-word riddled journey to debauchery and madness that will probably have them laughing until they go into organ failure… I will post up my “exploits” as a password locked post for your savory enjoyment.

I know I need to decide a winner, but let’s hope for tomorrow!

I know…

I am overdue as hell for the contest. Gimme a break here… LOL! I did have an aseptic exam which I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!!!!! Then on top of that, I have had a bit of a bad day for Monday that threw me off guard. I know that there was Cousin Sol and one other very close person that helped me kick past the bad. I had a wee bit much of the Yamazaki, but to celebrate a small victory, I am happy to at least celebrate with something very special. Tomorrow, I may not have time to read through and pick a winner… but the last 2 entries I recieved were rather funny.

I am about to hit the hay as the Dallas summer heat is really screwing with my head. A winner is nigh… don’t fret!