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New Look and New Spin

I’d like to personally thank my dear friend Jarret/c0nc3pt for the new respin on my site… I think it suits the site, [“Calm” for ZeroXR] is the name of the theme. My site has been overdue for a refresher and I personally love it. Again, I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am for Jarret taking some time out to help put a fresh new design for my blogging home…

For you people who are lazy, there’s also Facebook integration to boot!

Oni-Con 2009 Report Coming Soon

I am still “jet lagged” from the convention insanity of Oni-Con… I confess that getting into an academic mood is one Hell of a feat when you had one smashing time of a weekend! Be ready for some sarcasm and snarky remarks as well as an enthusiastic look from a casual “animu” fan. Any laughs and comments that stem from the post will be well loved, as a lot of heart and soul went into my report. I regret the Marriott Westchase didn’t have any free wifi of sorts and $13/day for 512/512 speeds is bunk! I add in lamentation that lacking a digital SLR was a bit depressing as I would have killed for high resolution pictures, but maybe one day… Once images and report clean up is complete, expect an update here soon!

For you loyal readers, you may be in for a treat!

For my new readers, I extend a warm welcome to my haven!

Full Reload, Modifications, and New Articles to Come…

So school has been kicking my tail… I am sure that is evidenced by me not posting as much here… Don’t get me wrong, I like it save for two classes. I fight onward and march to insanity some days even. The few things that keep me in sanity are World of Warcraft and my best friend. The real test of sanity begins soon… As I take Maymester, Summer I and Summer II course just to catch me up to being a Junior and break down course to get further into my major. Taking 2 math courses and 2 science course by Fall 2009 will really be a feat of strength.

As far as “modifications” go… My school is reverting back to a 5-day school week, to that I say… THANK GOD! I was suffering through hell with the 4-day for my sleep cycles. As far as life goes… I am gonna have to rake up plenty of cash and maybe seek partial subsistance for the summer. Gaming-wise… I am looking for more “epic” gear to enhance my enjoyment of playing FPS, RTS, and RPG games. I love my Logitech G9 Laser mouse which I will be reviewing in a while on here.

Lately, I have been feverently helping Rei’s guild (aka “The Team”) “The Order of Corrupted Souls” with being a Senior Officer. I love the responsibility and I feel great actually KNOWING my team members in my team as humans rather than faceless individuals over the internet. Being in real contact with people like Rei, Jon, “Weaver”, Spencer, and Vergil is actually a fun exchange of interaction, especially over the Ventrilo server. I have been debating on chipping a good chunk of cash to a guild member fund raising raffle. The prize pack would be something like the following…

Potential Prize Pack Items for “The Order of Corrupted Souls” Initial Raffle

  • A Logitech Gamer Mouse… Either a Logitech G9 Laser mouse, the G5 wired mouse or a G7 wireless mouse
  • A Logitech Premium Notebook Headset
  • A Razer Destructor Mouse Pad
  • A Logitech G13 Game Pad

The goal of the raffle (and possibly future raffles) would be to help pay for Ventrilo fees, get more stuff for the “Order of Corrupted Souls” Loot Chest, and whatever Rei deems appropriate. Another reason I would like to propose the idea is to increase guild member participation. Of course… anyone who chips in would defaultly get 1 entry and from there the ticket prices would be to best discretion. The biggest thing most of all would be if Rei approves of it and if the other members of our guild would approve of such an idea. I could easily see this idea being great should our guild get big or if we do an alliance with a “Sister” guild.

As far as new articles… I have finally finished my cologne article, just it is pending some editing from my editors. Hopefully, Ivy or Eighty will take a gander and help me out… I will probably work on some gamer related articles too. Especially as it is my only means to keep sane anymore these days. Unfortunately… Rest will be only for the weak as I do have Maymester, Summer I, II, and III to contend with at the Community College to deal critical blows to my course work and HOPEFULLY advance myself in what I can take. I just hope I can change stuff should I do something like lessen the decline of my sanity.

Keep watching and I hope to have some really spiffy stuff for you all to read soon!

How sweet it is..!

Today is one of the few days I have felt my best. To be around people who are non-biased to things that had no relevance to them was better than the last few weeks. I ended up throwing my confidence around and approached one mature woman at the party. It was fun to just have a great conversation with someone who’s grown up and not tied to needless drama. In addition, she had a spine of her own to speak her mind out her opinions rather than rely on the “commands” of her friends.

My friend was mingling around her work friends and had a great time, though she was laughing and jocking on me saying I found a date at the work party of hers rather than be her date. It was good to be a whole town away and just have fun with not being concerned with a single care in the world. Family is finally calling less, but it’s more when they have concerns on when I am going home. It is great to see my uplifted mood from working out is finally paying off. Things are looking up at the office as well and that has been boosting my mood higher.

To my “date” that I met at the party, thanks for the fun day! For my friend who dragged me out, my thanks for having me come out and get away from wanting to mope around my home office.

Tomorrow begins a new week… I wonder how bad the office will get, because it’ll be the final rush before Christmas. I forsee that it will be hell and chaos to boot. Clients trying to take care of affairs before our doors close for Christmas day. I know my newer partner will be helping me maintain my sanity, I can’t say so much about my other partner who’s been training for almost 3 months… The holidays are a time where mess-ups just cannot be afforded, especially when emotions are on a high with clients.

If I haven’t mentioned it to my readers… Happy holidays from me and may the new year bring about great things to all of you! I wish you all well and the best of things to come in your lives! I know many of you have had some of the most difficult of struggles, but maybe we can all get together and celebrate life one of these days.

A New Home and A New Haven

My friend Merinda hooked me up with a discount to Dreamhost to begin my professional musings and maybe some personal works. I thank her for her kindness and hope that my viewers will grow with time.

As for me, I would like to say a friendly hello to any potential viewers stopping by to see my site. I plan to focus serious articles on things like technology reviews to be on Linux distros, video games, mobile phones. Every now and then, there may be a personal post or rant from my life and even goof off a bit. This site will also be home to my “logs” of the day for things like my “fitness diary” or any sort of trials (i.e. 1 month with random tech item, etc).

For newcomers of my blog… Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Zero and I am just an enthusiast about life, technology, cars, and open source software. My passions are games, medicine, driving, computer & electronic modifications, and wine tasting. I am quite approachable and kind to all walks of life as experiences can open up the mind. I am a very passionate individual who seeks to learn as much as I can by immersion. For the curious, here’s what my “gear” as of today is comprised of…

  • Dell XPS m140 laptop – powered by Ubuntu Linux
  • Smartphone: Sony Ericsson P990i with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (World Edition, unlocked)
  • Beater Phone: Sony Ericsson W300i (AT&T branded but unlocked)
  • Sony PSP Slim (PSP-2001) in Piano Black with a 512mb Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • Nintendo DS lite in Onyx

I have decided to host privately due to the restrictive nature of Vox imposing on the freedoms of my friends and I feel this would hinder the growth of the blog to the general public. Unfortunately, WordPress developers have not yet found a way to import posts from Vox over… With over 100 entries, that could be tedious to do by hand. Until a solution can be found, I will just hot-link any curious readers to my previous blog: My Old Home

Feel free to drop a line and say hello if you wish!