A Man of Action – Anthony Action Product Line Review

As a discerning gentleman, I like feeling 100% when possible. In a sea of mens grooming items, it’s hard to find things that allow a man to feel his best when we are bombarded with advertisements of shaving gels that claim to help give the closest shave or the lack of reviews for things related to facial cleansers. Sadly, most of the “drug store” faire works poorly in action and end up being irritating topicals rather than being therapeutic andro-cosmoceuticals.

Anthony of the Anthony brands realized this and had to give men an alternative. From this, the Anthony Logistics line was born. Combining products formulated with some of the most natural ingredients with the intent of being functional and beneficial care for men’s grooming, this was the foundation behind the Anthony Logistics product line. But the evolution of men’s grooming didn’t stop here for the Anthony brands… For the man who wants a quick means to clean up and not fuss for time, there’s the Anthony Sport line for that. Now… for the really distinguished man, the most recent line is made just for them. Action by Anthony is a blend of Logistics and Sport lines combined, but on top of that, it merges high end ingredients for a truly top echelon product.

Alfred from Barney’s New York was gracious enough to give me the vital things for a man to start and end their day… The Action foaming face wash, the 2-in-1 shaving cream, and high performance moisturizer. Once again, my thanks goes out to Alfred for his kindness!

The Anthony Action Foaming Face Wash is a one that is recommended to be use at the start of the day as well as the end of the day. The ingredients help to calm and soothe the skin, but glycolic acid and the avocado oil to help slough off the old skin, clean off the topical bacteria, and moisturize. The cool part is the glycolic acid can also help beard hairs lift up as mentioned on the Anthony site. So for those who do like to shave in the morning, this is probably a great way to help make your shaving ritual much more effective! The face wash is also great to end the day by scrubbing off the dirt, sweat, and grime incurred from a day as it ends up soothing and relaxing the skin. From spending 2 days with the face wash, I felt a great response from it. Most of the facial washes out on drug store shelves usually end up smelling like medicine, however… The Action Foaming Face Wash smelled very soothing and almost something akin to very soothing tea. It was refreshing to be able to start my day and end my day feeling completely relaxed.

I’d decided to see if I could stack up effects and see if I could use the Action 2-in-1 Shaving Cream to put it at its highest potential. To my amazement, a small amount of it goes a much longer way than a giant blob of the drug store picks out on the market. The mixture does a great job of helping the beard stand with the peppermint and eucalyptis oils as well as toning out the skin with the licorice extract. From all of these essences, the scent is not particularly strong. The unique synergy that everything has is wonderful as it helps to lift the beard hairs and provide a close shave. When used in combination with my Dovo shavette, it probably gave me one of the closest shaves I have had in the history of being a straight razor fanatic of 1 year! The best thing is that with the 2-in-1 Shaving Cream is instead of needing an aftershave, you can just use a tiny amount and it acts as an aftershave and conditioner for your beard!

The last thing I got to sample was something that most men probably don’t think much about. As men live their day to day lives, we interact with the greatest forces of nature. What most men don’t think about are the effects of the sun and the elements. Things like dryed out skin from arid winds, UVA and UVB rays nuking our flesh, and even daily stress putting fatigue on our faces. The Action High Performance Moisturizer by Anthony helps to keep face and defend against the common adversaries of a daily life. Some of the ingredients here are found in the other products, so it keeps with the theme of the Anthony Action line: quality ingredients for the discerning man. The blend of ingredients in the High Performance Moisturizer are pretty simplistic, but they go a long way. The moisturizer is lightly scented, but it is very pleasant to boot! The recommended usage is twice a day, so it’s pleasant to start the day off with the moisturizing the face as well as end the day to have it repair any cell damage and superficial damage from the day. Possibly the best part is unlike the drug store moisturizers for men that are either heavily scented, greasy, or what not… The Action High Performance Moisturizer is no where near close to that. It’s functional, but minimalistic… Something very akin to how most men like things in their life to be.

For those of you who may be shopping for yourself or maybe a spouse/significant other looking to give your guy something really nice this holiday season, skip the cheeky “holiday sets” and check out the Anthony Action line. It’s definitely worth the cash for the great experience I had. The prices below are listed from the official Anthony site, though they could be subject to change and other promotional offers. The Anthony line can be found at various retailers like Barney’s New York, Sephora, and Bath & Body Works. I can say they definitely get my approval in my book!

(Disclaimer: These are just standard prices before any taxes are calculated according to your state)
Action Foaming Face Wash: $22 USD
Action 2-in-1 Shaving Cream: $25 USD
Action High Performance Moisturizer: $40 USD

2 Male Grooming Reviews in the Works!

On returning home to Dallas this weekend, I was greeted by a parcel in my office. It was a plain looking parcel, except it had the postal seal from Barney’s New York from my grooming contact, Alfred. I would open it up and find two of the hallowed lines of male grooming inside. Some items from Men Science and Action by Anthony were enclosed as well as a kind note from Alfred! Expect these reviews to be up very soon, this way, guys who are looking for something refined this holiday season can put some of these on their Christmas lists!

Keep a watch of the updates! I assure you that I will not disappoint!

An Open Letter to The Linux Using Students of Texas A&M Commerce

Dear fellow students,

Some of you have chosen the past of most difficulty. Some of you have chosen to be free of Microsoft’s tyranny and to open your heart to the power of open source. To you, I commend you! However, I am willing to bet some in our ranks have been unable to enjoy such sweet splendor without much strife. I am referring more to the school network. Some of you may have had to compile the Cisco Network Manager and maybe failed in vain from incomplete dependencies…. Some of you who decided to be like me and run an Ubuntu variant to try importing one of their profiles in order to connect but you were met with the message of “VPN Secrets incomplete”.

I say to you… Fear not! I have managed to secure myself the information on the configuration from the Center of Technology and Information Services center from the McDowell administration building. If you are a student in need of getting connected online, I have done you a favor by compounding the complete configurations as a Cisco Network Profile. If you do, in-fact, need this file… Please send me an e-mail to info@zeroxr.com and I’ll be glad to pass it over! If you want me to help out… Please feel free to inquire and I’ll be glad to stop by!

Power to the people, free as beer! Those are the things to live by!


Waking the Demon, Walking in Shadows

So let me say that when computers break… it can be aggravating to me. I am a nice guy with machines… until they anger me. Windows XP has been that thorn in my side that I had to do something…

Click for a link to the bigger image!
Hmm... Eye Sea Wut Joo Did Thar!

I did it… I thought I never could return to Linux but somehow… I did. So with toiling and help from by GREAT friend Maczimus… I am back. To my Ubuntu buddies out in the DFW Area, I am back home again. Home to one of the kindest operating systems ever to have graced its presence to me. I just have to test and make sure if my VPN settings play nice with my school. They’d better, damn it!

Ugh… Winter Blues~!

So I am sick… augh!!! It blows… but to compound more bullcrap… Early this morning, Windows decided that my mouse was not to move away from the bottom corner. On trying to fight and beat the OS to the power of my will… well… let’s just keep it at the fact that things got worse. So once again… my laptop is well… toast with Windows. However… in usual fashion, Linux is like the cute geeky girlfriend who’s like the supportive best friend that saves my bacon again.

Which brings me to a comparison that I talked about with a good friend of mine…

Windows is like the crazy girl who can do all the freaky sexual crap. Stuff that would interest all the wrong sorts of people. At the same time, when you make the threaten to leave… it does crazy dramatic bullshit with empty promises of steak and fellatio.

Linux is like the one cute girl that either you’ve known forever or she’s the one lotus in a myriad of flowers. She’s the one who’s smart, can go to the bars with you, and even play a multi-player role playing game online while being a dork. She’s the one that you’d like to be with, but the real world somehow nags you to go back to the crazy whore called Windows.

Anyhow… My brain is exhausted… damn installations… DAMN IT ALL!!!

Blessing of the Battle Maiden

So here I am… in Chemistry lecture. What the heck am I doing? Well… I found out even though I attempted to go to bed at 8pm only to get up at 11pm from an odd panic that disturbed my sleep to only play World of Warcraft to chill my nerves…

There was no Chemistry test today.

To think I fighting to the point of almost succumbing to my own mortal frailties to the tune of a funeral march celebrating the possession of a demon overtaking my mortal body. All to find that my test is not delayed until Wednesday… IT’S FORKIN’ DELAYED UNTIL FRIDAY!!!

I mean cool that it was delayed until then, but to think I had my hands up high, ready to put a bullet into the test… and the test ends up using a “ninja vanish” with flash powder.

My classmates said to take this “boon” as a blessing. To a sense, it is… I know my own “guardian angel”, the Stone Maiden, has been arising a lot from something akin to personal crisis. However… Her visage graced me last night and she took me on a relaxing and spirited drive. She couldn’t speak, but her drive was more relaxed. She was in the Angel Zero version of a BMW //M5 and doing the standard fare of aggressive driving moves, but it didn’t feel like battling a demon. Her driving was like listening to a beautiful concerto by one of the great composers of the past. To a sense, maybe it was her way of telling me “Relax… There’s no need to bleed to death anymore.” Whatever her conveyed message may be… I appreciate her love and grace for giving me her blessing.

Week’s Agenda… I think?

This week will probably be rather crunchy… or fall to mush… I have not a clue. I know my brain has been crunching chemistry to exhaustion. I think I am going to have to submit to my weak mortal whims to procure food. Damn mortality… well, sometimes anyhow. Chemistry will battle wits with me in nearly 17 hours so I have to crunch hard and make sure I completely absorb the materials like it is infused in the blood.

Depending on how finances look… I may or may not be getting World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King. I have been through some pretty rough financial times, but I should be no stranger to them anyhow. I would love to get it mainly so I can evaluate it and post a review right away! Although, Miss Wyno said it may not be any good to me anyways as I won’t be able to utilize most of the content in Northrend until I have a character at Level 80. So maybe it is for the best..?

In good news..! I may have found a niche as a male fashion blogger! Alfred from Barney’s New York out in Northpark Center is sending me some sample goods which I should be recieving sometime this week! Many thanks goes to him and I definitely look forward to writing another enthusiastic review over everything I recieve. Hopefully I can get some pictures and provide another good review for any guys who want another perspective on male grooming and care.

I hope to get another good piece written this week… maybe I can get the long overdue “Day in the Life of Zero” post up and online? LOL! 😀 We’ll see as that’s semi dependent on how my mind can take a mental beating of savage proportions with chemistry. Ough…

Ugh… my stomach is now uncontrollably asking me to feed it. I think that’s my cue to vamoose and feed me before the low glucose levels make me cranky as hell. Keep watching here! It should get especially fun especially ’round Thanksgiving holiday!

PS – Ivy had a bit of a hard transition happen as well as the fact that she sorta hurt her knee! Please wish her well and hopefully she’ll get an article on there soon!

Much love,

oi…. Broken things… Fixed… Sorta…

Quick Addendum… I am going to have to find out what’s borking my WordPress… for some reason… it said that my last article was written by Ivy, when it was me… and on looking at things… well… my site seems to only have 2 post authors and I am considered a master user. Damn the confusion!

Update (11/6/2008): I have just had to gimp things and make a seperate “editor” named “ZeroXR” while my admin account is not recognized… so yes… There are two Zero’s on here; one is the admin, one is the editor… It will do for now.

“n0 P0litiks P1z, kthx”

So today… I was subject to a racial slur. I found it humorous, as the slur was chased with a foolish statement which negated the ire in his words. So I will paraphrase the exchange before I go into my rant…

Wacky Headcase (WH): “omgz! This country’s going to Hell! America’s lost it’s tradition!!!”
Student Instructor (SI): “Settle down… This is a MATH class, not government!”
WH: “Fucking Obama’s the Anti-Christ!”
SI: “There will be no political discussion on Friday… if you all even make the slightest thought, I will kick you out!”
WH: “This is bullshit! You’re obstructing my right to the first amendment!”
Zero: “School’s a fascist system, DEAL WITH IT!
WH: “It’s people like you that are dragging our country to hell, you Chink! Go back to your own country!”
Zero: “I’m sorry, I was born in DALLAS! This is my country! If you think our country is going to hell… Live in another country and maybe you’ll understand what they go through!”

I mean, I will stand up and fight for a person’s right to say anything they want in the proper forum. I am a believer of Voltaire’s most beautiful quote: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” The only condition is… I will do it in the right forum and right place. I also feel using racial slurs, name calling, or generally lacking an open mind is down right childish. Personally I feel that school is not the place, save a government or debate class… School is a home of learning and fortitude.

Anyhow, with trying to use philosophical points with this coddy applejohn… It reminds me why I HATE talking politics with people. It leads to childish arguments and well it generally upsets a lot of people. The fact I had to use my brain with philosophy so early gave me a migraine and reminds me why RX-7 and RX-8 drivers warm up their engines before really ragging on them. So… If I see you online. No political discussions please… If I see you on World of WarCraft, put your McCain hate at your terminal and don’t bring it to Azeroth. If I see you in Guild Wars, you bet your ass that I want you to leave your Obama hate far away from Tyria, Cantha, and Elona. Hell, if I see you face-to-face… I want none of it.

Just for the record before anyone tries to con me out with “You fucking hate democracy!” I will state that I loved Ron Paul ’cause he actively campaigned about privacy, so there. I am getting the fuck out of this discussion with a vengeance. I just want to chill, mellow the fuck out, and say “Thank God the media circus and peanut gallery is over.”

Much love,