[Dreams] – “The Hero has fallen in battle! To Arms!!!”

Some of you all are well acquainted that I have rather vividly dream and have a skill set that is rather unique and odd. Most of you may have heard about my musings over a particular Stone Maiden that has been appearing before me in my dreams. For those who do not know… She started appearing before me back in 2003. This was after a wacky bout of romance went awfully wrong in my life and I assume her appearance was a sign that she wanted to help me find solace in myself. Her later appearances would be linked more when my romantic life was troubled and her only approach has been to console me with a warm embrace. These “tender” moments would be ones where I would be physically battered from broken bones and bound to a wheel chair for the most part. Her face has been veiled for the most part… until last month. The stone mask had the portion of the lips shatter off. Keep in mind, her face had been veiled since 2003… something huge is afoot.

I have told some of my friends about the more recent dreams with the Stone Maiden lately in hopes of someone trying to help me psycho-analyze the various parts of my dream. But the only issue now is that it’s gotten rather intense and the difficulty curve has gotten up. I have been “dueling” her lately, but last night, she remixed things up.

She wielded my strongest sword, the Death Blade, but wanted to challenge me to use my weakest sword… The Sacred Edge. The Death Blade is a rather destructive sword, but it is not unholy by any means. The sword is styled like a Chinese dao (broadsword), can launch waves of gravity to cut or crush targets, and weighs down the target each time it bites flesh. The Sacred Edge is rather “new” to me, so I have not discovered all of its abilities… All I know is that it has it has various holy inscriptions on the facings of the blade, it’s uniquely shaped, I can turn it into a force of light and direct it like a projectile.

The duel between the both of us was a pure duel, no special abilities at all. It was a fight of flesh and metal. The duel was intense… I was always shadow stepping at speeds of an estimated 80 miles per hour and the Stone Maiden, I want to say was moving even faster than I was. Each time our swords clashed, there was a violent shower of sparks. The visual sight of the battle was one that a spectator would just see 2 blurs moving at blistering speeds and violent clashing of metal. The battle raged for almost 8 hours… At this point, my strength began to fade… The Maiden caught me off guard and decisively struck me with the Death Blade. My speed would begin to fall as my body was being weighed down in a penalty. She would see my weakness and decisively land the crushing blows to effectively seal the fate of the duel. Her intensity was relentless, but she was caught off guard when I made a final charging stab at her. I would miss due to my hindered speed, but she would slice me right on my left cheek and slam the back of the Death Blade on my back of my head.

She had assumed I had the strength to get up, but she noticed I wasn’t even conscious… She began to be frantically concerned. The beach we were at was overcast, but the tide was getting high… I saw her carry me to a safe cove, embracing me. She tried everything to make me come to… but all I felt was like I had gone comatose. I want to say I lost complete consciousness and/or life within my dreams.

If anyone has insight on my dreams, feel free to drop a comment. I could use any perspectives you may have on my visions… Let’s hope I don’t get more of a beating when I hit the hay tonight.