[Rant] Humanity, Thou Art Not as Sacred as Thy Claims…

Proceed with Caution

Disclaimer: I am not a proponent of religion over science nor am I a part of a Buddhist sect. This is just a personal musing I happened to stumble on.

Last night, I got into a rather heated debate with a few friends of mine in regards to religion and how so many people are lacking in their faith in the modern day. Sure, we have science, but does it eliminate that there are forces beyond our own that we should revere and respect? It got my friends talking on how people almost have become egocentric with how society has advanced more and more in technology. Conversely, when the world turns topsy-turvey to these same people, they start spouting off something close to the following rhetoric:

Dear God, I am (in) [insert random expletive phrase here]. I pray to God that I am not [insert expletive here]. I never wanted it to become like that! Please God, help me!

I don’t know about you all, but if I was a rather angry god or deity… If someone just called on my assistance when they have been floating their ego for the past few years, I would be quite miffed if they figured they could call out to me on a random whim to save their fat from the fire. Another perspective that happens is when the egocentric flesh pile truly gets what is coming to them… The world ends up laughing at their expense as a shot to them for not keeping away from one of the 7 deadly sins.

I don’t think any divine being would like the thought of one of their wishy-washy followers full of avarice to be putting their name on speed dial whenever they get into a bind that could involve total ruin or even death. These sad sacks of meat do not understand that to have prayer work, you must have a working relationship with your god and/or deities. It’s much like a romantic relationship that has to be built upon communication… What good is a relationship if you cannot properly communicate? Essentially, the relationship (be it romantic or sacred) has no merit and is as good as a dead body entombed in a coffin.

Even though we have modern miracles, we should not foolishly believe that we can challenge the gods just because we feel that our technologies have made us invincible to their whims. Forces of nature, uncontrollable cirumstances, and even just plain dumb luck are factors no human can actively account for, unless they live in some sort of super secure pod or have not ventured beyond the walls of the kingdom.

I think technology, poor parenting, and lack of some spiritual development is the cancer that kills society now. You have kids raping teachers, random suicides, and other odd tragedies popping on the news. For those who do not believe in the powers of the soul, I do respect their choice, but I do hope that sometimes there are things that we humans cannot meddle with. I’d like to leave this post with a light hearted note from one of my favorite TV shows…


Calculon: “[…] After all, you’re only human.

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