The Sleeping Goddess Muses…

“What will become of us when the Goddess awakens? Will humanity cease to exist?”

It’s been a line of “poetry” that has ceaselessly bothered me most of this week. I can’t remember the rest of the poetry, but it just has me thinking about the “frail” existence of humanity. Face it, humans have done some pretty poor things to the planet and now all the sudden we are singing high praisesĀ  saying “The planet is important!” It almost somewhat after-the-fact of decades worth of going “Global warming, hogwash!” to now singing a tune of “We’ve gone green! How about you?” Then you have to reflect on disasters like blight, famine, pestilence, and even weather related disasters… Gaia, the earth mother, must be pissed as hell at us. As humans, we can be rather destructive to our planet. Some would even speculate that we are destructive by nature. All we can do is wait until December 21, 2012 and see what happens when the Goddess awakens.

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