[Linux Related] A parting of ways?

My time in Linux has been great. It’s shown me things that I never knew about my machine and even educated me on how the circuit boards on my machine interact with an operating system. Just with how the latest Ubuntu 8.04.1 release has been… It has not been very well to me. My machine sadly runs as hot as it does in Windows and uses just as much battery power. This is a downer as I Ioved how Ubuntu side my laptop could outlast the Windows side… Stability has been ok. I have run into moments where Evice (sp?) Reader for PDFs would crash on me and even Firefox too, which it’s not as bad as Windows… but it was the same stuff I was trying to get away from initially.

With me starting up school again, I have to worry about the proprietary school devices and software being compatible with my machine or it could mean an academic demise for me. This is concerning as I remember when I had my Mac Mini and some of my programs were “Windows only”, I basically had to borrow a friend’s computer to finish some of my assignments… So for me being so close to finishing school, set backs and delays are no longer an option.

Where does that lead me?

I have considered a few options… The ideal has been to eventually get another laptop dedicated to Windows duties so I can entertain myself with games when there’s down time and also use my school programs when required… which in turn would allow me to use Suzaku (my current laptop) as a Linux test machine to play with new distributions and really rip into building a machine from scratch. Though with school coming up soon… I am more under pressure to have a cleanly running machine with little time for experimentation when I am just so close to attaining my degree. I may just bang around with Live CD’s for any Linux play time fun that I wish to have and just leave the machine as a Windows one until I can get my gaming/school apps machine.

I just converted Suzaku back to Windows XP Media Center Edition with a slipstreamed copy of Service Pack 3 as I still have my machines OEM key for the license. I wish I had a copy of XP Pro, but I digress. I will hold hope that I can still get a dedicated Windows machine so I can officially retire my laptop Suzaku to Linux/editorial duties.

Violence, Insomnia, Anguish…

Some of my fans know about my dreamings with regard to how weird they can be… Well, with the last week… they have gotten more erratic with all increasing violence. My readers no doubt know of the Stone Maiden as she seems to be a champion and defender of me. However, another maiden has appeared… She’s a bold crusader type… in a gown made of shifting waters with a crusader’s helm covering her face. For the past few days… This beautiful, yet violent Water Maiden has wanted to duel me personally. She’s even gone as far as dual wielding blades to fight off the Stone Maiden and force her out of a fight just to square off with me one-on-one.

The scary part is that the Water Maiden is no slouch and she doesn’t hold back. Her choice sword is a claymore made of ice, but she is rediculously strong as she wields it with one hand… Her speed is amazing and frightening at the same stride. The past few nights… she’s impaled me and I end up awaking to almost like a suffocation or coughing up some blood.

I don’t know what this is a sign of… but I don’t like waking up just to cough up blood or feeling like I was drowning in my own blood. I almost fear sleeping now and for once… I actually want my insomnia.

Site Announcements – Things to Come and Healing of the Self

I know I have spoken about the site revamp… but as some can tell… My aesthetics are somewhat weak. Want proof? I am was using the default WordPress layout for readability and stability reasons. I have been trying to pen out the framework of ZeroXR 13mg v.2 and I know my vision for the site. A haven for guys and/or geeks who want to have a more human point of view on the things I or my staff write about within the vectors of technology, rants, and male style/grooming. I have conferred with Wyno on this matter and have commissioned the revision of this site’s style to her. I would like to be able to give her a work she can show off to the world as a prospective designer. I just need to pen down some “rules” for her to try to bend and break… as she has stated she likes trying to break out of constraining rules.

As far as the site goes, lacking a tech budget sucks and even more with respect that I soon start college soon. I have talked with Wyno about maybe trying to do yet another contest… but on what… I have no idea. I muse and say that I could always do one on World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King when it hits this November… but that would mean shelling cash on buying the game myself and then buying a copy for the ZeroXR Loot Chest. If anyone has some contest ideas to try assisting a creative spark, please let me know.

For my interview gig… I have found my guest editor to pen out the interview. The only remaining business to take care of is finding a photographer to capture me at my best and at my finest. If you’re a local photographer (or know one) to the Dallas area who wouldn’t mind being recompensated with meal and drink, please drop me a line at info@zeroxr.com or feel free to Skype me.

OH! Which reminds me… In light of things… I would like to make mention that I have gotten on board with people who like to do VoIP calls. This avenue also opens things up for things like interviews and queries with me on a personal basis… In other words… those who are too ghetto to spare minutes in the daytime but wish to make a call with their computer and internet connection are more than welcome to. I am on Skype as ZeroXR13mg so don’t be shy to request an audience with me. I encourage networking if anything!

I haven’t quite been myself lately with a few things in the material world causing me a bit of panic… I know my sister Alice when she did her holistic healing lab on me had asked if I had considered seeing a doc to be dosed on anti-anxiety drugs, though that concerns me as I don’t like the idea of being on Xanax or any benzodiazepines to the point that my body becomes co-dependent on it. I have been venturing to holistic healing paths lately with a combination of prayer and positive thought which has helped, but it has not cured the heart of the matter. I am debating on possibly taking a hiatus of the site for a week or so and possibly leave Miss Wyno in charge of things here while I try to grapple with my personal demons. More than likely… I’ll discuss that with her later today.

I bid you all adieu for now… I am going to attempt to dose myself with a shot of Vitamin D, healing breezes, and the whispering sun all from the comfort of my chariot… Devil, with the top down of course!

My "signature"

The World of Online/Offline Gaming… [Editorial]

So many of you have probably read the few posts I have of me taking a small hobby of playing World of Warcraft on the intarwebs… Sole blame rests on Cousin Sol for dragging me into the mess as I have burned down many a day when friends have bailed on me to real world meetings. I kid about blaming Sol… LOL! I like many other gamers thought “Pay to play gaming… get serious… that’s crap!” but once I got my character to level 10, my opinion quickly changed. The chat channels are pretty clean of gold spammers advertising their “services” as it is harder to make a spamming account if you have to shell $30 just to take a risky venture in then an additional $15/month there after. If anything, there may be a little bit too much swearing and pre-pubescent children dropping the F-bomb because they wanted to win a certain battleground instance… though that’s not too big a deal to me.

It’s a bit of a change from Guild Wars and being sent random whispers from gold farmers promising me mythical riches for the ability of being able to finance my “dreams” of a guild hall… or just seeing my chat box full of spammers going “Go to my site here and for $9.95 our pro players will load you up with whatever you want!” or bratty kids begging you for some rare gear you have because it’s not locked down to you. Then again, the entry fee of World of Warcraft does exclude out a lot of others who would otherwise try to exploit a gaming environment for the sake of real world material wealth. I digress…

World of Warcraft is quite an expansive game as the realm spans over 3 realms with hundreds of quest and so many variations depending on whatever race or class you choose. There is some realism to the game as time is totally designated by the server affecting the in-game time. In addition to that, travel is somewhat realistic… as using a mounted animal will let you fly or ride past certain locales and rapidly improving the speed of travel. The only case that a person is beaming in and out of realms is if they are being summoned to a location or if they use warping/portal spells. The world expands supposedly this November with the release of [The Wraith of the Lich King] due to open up a Necropolis for the legendary Death Knight class and the city of Dalaran. My only gripe about the realms are that some of the “hub” cities or towns are not quite as equipped as say an Alliance or Horde fortress/castle town… That can be a drag when you need to buy something, but come to find that you took the wrong boat, flew to the wrong town, or teleported to the wrong capital city that lacked the vendor you needed. I do hold hopes that with the new expansion that change could definitely happen with balancing some of those sparse towns.

The game’s realm concept almost has a realistic element to it with the fact that if you’re too late to something… then you miss out. Looking for that one elusive beast that drops a body part you need? Well if someone got to the proving grounds before you and slayed all iterations of that monster… You may have to wait your turn when the monster comes back into the realm. No, you can’t hit the magic “reset” button and magically watch the monsters come back… because the realm is much like the real world. You can’t “zone-out” of a place just to force a monster to reappear either or to spawn exclusively in your own private zone. The only exception is dungeons and instances where you can reset the zone for say a friend who may have missed out on the first boss of a dungeon.

Socially, the game ends up being one of those “It’s a Small World” sort of game. This applies even more so when you join a pretty decent sized guild that’s made of members who were former members of ones that had petty drama. I have also found that should you keep a good reputation… it will follow you as you progress in the game. I have gotten a whisper or two from a friendly player who remembered me inviting me to partake in something fun every now and then. Sometime from just one’s own guild tag can be the firestarter of a conversation, just because your leader may have built their reputation with such a positive note.

Communication is rather dynamic in World of Warcraft to say the least. The in-game voice chat is a nice addition, though with the lack of adjustments like you would find in TeamSpeak or Ventrillo… It’s just not adequate for things like Raid coordination for a 25+ character battle. The chat system is a little clunky as you can only add the character’s name, but not a friend… However, this makes sense as Horde characters cannot communicate to Alliance characters in chat or via in-game postal service. So, if your friend chooses to make a Horde-side orc character to try meeting your Alliance character… They could be typing something like “You know Zero, by chance? I hear he’s a good frost mage!”, but to your chat window it would show up as “[Orcish] Gral gug grrr gra ralg.” Vice versa would apply as well. In addition, when you make additional characters, they aren’t bound to the guild your first character joined and same if you’re on a character with a different faction.

The game is also separated by different servers as well, as not to overload one central realm with millions of players all with different intents. By intents, I mean things like those who want to play the game for the game (Normal servers), constantly duel and fight for kill/honor points (PvP), and recreational acting of a part (RP/role-play servers). The governing rules on each server are a little different… One can only surmise that PvP servers are a no-holds barred killing spree of an orgy when you meet that poor bastard on the opposing faction (I would assume the Illidan server would be the pinnicle). Role-play servers, I have rather enjoyed as the community is a little more sympathetic and really get into their character roles. That has lead to some fun experiences (campfire stories in the wee hours of night) and as well as some disturbing ones (gnomes randomly having sex in a bedroom at an inn). Normal would be just what you would expect, players just focused on the game and just wanting to fight gloriously.

Skills and professions are all things meant to suppliment your character and even help flesh their details out. The combinations are almost endless… Supplimental skills like fishing, cooking, and first aid are all essentials that anyone can have. Once you get into the primary professions, that’s where everything goes deep… You have mining, blacksmithing, herbalism, alchemy, engineering, skinning, leatherworking, enchanting, tailoring, jewelcrafting to start… then depending on what you really want to specialize into inside those professions gets even deeper as well. As far as charater talents, each character has 3 path “talent tree” which determines which your characters battle skills and abilities. You can “re-spec” your character… but beware that initially it is cheap, but the cost rises as you decide to re-spec more and more. A “disadvantage” to some as games like Guild Wars allow for re-specing your character at will as long as you’re in a town. So re-specing your character could be a costly thing if you can’t decide what build you want or if you’re in a rather competitive PvP (player versus player, for the non-gamer folks) guild that requires you to be flexible.

As far as things offline that do somewhat affect the realm in-game… Blizzard has promotional conventions where attendees can get redeemable codes for promotional in-game items. A great example of this is to coincide with the release announcement of Diablo III, any attendees of Blizzard’s Worldwide Invitational got an item code for a special in-game pet of Archangel Tyrael that is permanently bound to the character you redeem the code for. Blizzard also has teamed up with Upper Deck Entertainment to create a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, which also does link with the game as certain cards reveal codes to allow a character to obtain rare items. These rare items are typically novelty, however… there are promotional mounted creatures/devices that can be unlocked such as the Spectral Tiger or the X-51 Rocket.

I think the majority of what has made a positive experience with World of Warcraft is that the community is very strong. It’s interesting when you have a cousin (Sol) who’s in a lax guild and in turn you just run into others in the community who, being excellent gamers also turn out to be unique people outside of game. Funny enough is… My new staff editor, Miss Wyno, is one of those unique users. Funny how it happens, eh? With all fairness… with every gaming community, they have their share of good and bad users… I have enjoyed meeting the good users in World of Warcraft, even if I did have to suffer through some of the more childish users like Sol did who are apparently parents, but don’t mind screaming “Fucking shamen!”

Bon anniversaire à moi

Birthdays! A joyous occasion to serve as a reminder of that special person’s entry into this world. While I’m still feeling the fuzzy, warm after-effect of being showered with gifts and praise, I’d like to take this time to thank each and every friend, family member, and even stranger that has remembered someone as insignificant as me. Even more thanks to those that have gone way out of their way and do everything possible to see me flash a smile. (Here it is, =D) I appreciate all the thoughtfulness and hope to spend many more days with you all. <3

OMGz WTF is THAT?!?!?!? – Wyno [Funny Outtake]

So I was talking about the site and out of random… she said the above. Of course, I didn’t see this myserious smilie on my page… Then I would ask Cousin Sol and he’d say “Yeah! I do!” I’d check on Internet Explorer and sure enough… I saw that creepy smile at the bottom of my site. So naturally, I’d freak out and get the shivers too!

Then my common logic kicked in of “Wyno, are you logged in?” She’d log in and then, lo and behold, it disappeared. The mystery of the creepy smilie was solved.

It comes from the WordPress.com Site Metric tracker apparently as a file called g.gif, imagine that.


Love, action, drama, fighting, dancing, singing, and more! All found in a little movie about a robot named Wall-E. Pixar certainly outdid themselves again. Wall-E is on par and maybe even surpasses the story of the heart-warming Finding Nemo (2003) and Monsters Inc. (2001). Though Cars was made only a couple years ago, it has to have been the least amiable of the three for obvious reasons such as lack of an original story. Since I’m going to see Wall-E again today I thought I’d write a little article on this cute little movie in attempt to urge others to see it.

It seems the key to Pixar’s success is to fufill what everyone needs to see in order for anyone to judge it a good story-character development. In this new futuristic movie, though there is barely any talking going on and none by the characters themselves at all, I would say the art of connecting the character to the audience is mastered within the first 15 minutes. During this short amount of time the cinematics have already grasped your interest with intent to hang on until the end of the movie. The story-boarders have implemented little quirks to each character to have the women “awwing” and the men chuckling.

Furthermore, I noticed that on opening night that the audience was mostly made up of adults and teens ranging from 16+ rather than the expected kids from 10 and below. To my surprise as I exited the theater, I found most guys were much more thrilled about having seen the movie than the girls. Strange, eh? It is a definite must-see for all ages and both genders!

Ghastly Screams and Ghostly Whispers…

Lately with my erratic dreaming… it’s concerned me greatly. It didn’t help that some visions and nightmares have been remanifesting again. Combine that with my sister using me as a diagnosis patient for holistic healing and she read my vitals while also trying to feel my aura fields… She pretty much hit the root of my ills. My sleep has been fragmented and far from satisfying my body… For once… I may call it a night and try to throw some articles up for the site tomorrow.

Before I get the gratuitious messages about “Dude… hit up a doc for some [insert random narcotic here] to help you!”, I personally don’t believe in narcotics for sleep… I have done the herbal stuff which that doesn’t help either. I may try spiritual or holistic methods to try to quell the ethereal demons traversing my brain waves very soon… because there are some days… I want to throw an article up on the site, but the words don’t come out. I know I have been through some turbulent times, but I muse and say… Maybe I need a vacation from my daily job. Something to get me away from the berg of Dallas and to somewhere out on the east coast. I know I have a few debts to resolve… so once I get those out… I may seek to treat myself to something I have been overdue for a long time. The last true vacation I had was back in 2002… We’re already in 2008… Holy freakin’ cow… I am one tired work horse.


n. the inability to obtain sufficient sleep.

I had my first case in a long time last night/this morning, whatever you want to call it. To my friends this can come as quite a shock since I am notorious for my ability to instantaneously pass out the moment my head touches a pillow.

It was 3am and I had just come home from seeing The Dark Knight. Since normal people are awake during the day and not the middle of the night, I figured I’d hit the hay and try to be awake before noon for once this summer. I confess… I am a coward. It wasn’t even a horror film and yet the image of that scary ass clown haunted me through the night whether my eyes were open or not. I must say, props to Heath Ledger for his amazing performance. He sure convinced me.

Like any other scaredy cat would do, I threw the covers over my head feeling slightly more secure until I began to fear the unknown area outside of my fortress of a blanket. I tossed and turned for who knows how long. Even through my short session of being half-asleep I continued to feel the agonizing torture of turning left, then right, then kicking, then left and right again while still trying to stay within my imaginary safety boundaries.

Once I awoke from my short half-slumber, my creative imagination took a turn for the worst and I began to fear more than ever what I could not see. I knew that my fears were foolish and child-like and yet I could not help but wonder if while my guard was down if something or someone had mysteriously crept into my room. For hours I stayed this way through the darkest dark before the dawn. Then I began to wonder, “What if no one is there?” Looking back it was the most sensible thing to think, but at the time it was absurd and was almost swept off my mind completely. However, I asked myself, “What if I’m alone?” Quite suddenly my fears heightened dramatically and threatened to swallow me whole. What if I was alone? I wasn’t even supposed to be asking myself that question. Being raised into the Catholic faith I believe in one presence that is always there for you to comfort you in your pain, help you up when you’ve fallen down, and be the light for you in the darkness. I immediately felt terribly alone-my worst fear. Where was that presence? It was no where to be found and my ‘significant other’ had fallen asleep on the phone many hours before. The only solace I had left was in my phone and as I reached under my pillow to slide it up, I realized the battery had died. Frustrated and fed up, I threw the covers off and saw exactly what I should’ve expected. A new, sunny day was the only thing that had snuck up on me.