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Ode to Blackberry

Research in Motion, who’d have thought I misunderstood your devices… The most time initially I had ever spent on a Blackberry device was, at most, 20 minutes. After spending almost 48 hours with my own Blackberry Curve 8310, I now understand why the corporate types love them. They are rock solid. They are logical and tactile. They are very work/business focused. It’s no wonder that people go absolutely love them after the slight learning curve. I mean to have a device and not have it crash when it’s your alarm clock is absolutely beautiful.

For those wondering what I got… It’s a Blackberry Curve 8310 (GPS model) and I just got the USB sync/charger cable and the sleeve for it.

Sure, the caveats are things like you have to get a Blackberry Internet Service plan to really enjoy things like mobile web, Blackberry Messenger, Facebook Mobile, AES encrypted e-mail transactions, etc. Even minor things like for MMS, you need net plan too. However, for the majority of things the device offers… I could tolerate looking into a Blackberry net plan. Hell, I may consider it highly considering how much I am now tied down to my e-mail with either light fan e-mail or some insider news.

I will end this post with my humorous “remix” to the “club tune” of yesteryear, Crime Mob’s song “White Tee”

Fuck an iPhone, I look clean with my Blackberry” – Zero

Ugh… Winter Blues~!

So I am sick… augh!!! It blows… but to compound more bullcrap… Early this morning, Windows decided that my mouse was not to move away from the bottom corner. On trying to fight and beat the OS to the power of my will… well… let’s just keep it at the fact that things got worse. So once again… my laptop is well… toast with Windows. However… in usual fashion, Linux is like the cute geeky girlfriend who’s like the supportive best friend that saves my bacon again.

Which brings me to a comparison that I talked about with a good friend of mine…

Windows is like the crazy girl who can do all the freaky sexual crap. Stuff that would interest all the wrong sorts of people. At the same time, when you make the threaten to leave… it does crazy dramatic bullshit with empty promises of steak and fellatio.

Linux is like the one cute girl that either you’ve known forever or she’s the one lotus in a myriad of flowers. She’s the one who’s smart, can go to the bars with you, and even play a multi-player role playing game online while being a dork. She’s the one that you’d like to be with, but the real world somehow nags you to go back to the crazy whore called Windows.

Anyhow… My brain is exhausted… damn installations… DAMN IT ALL!!!

Sometimes… I wonder… [Humor]

Ever since the Olympics, Shawn Johnson has been a hot topic for winning gold on the women’s balance beam and has gotten tons of press for it. She appears to already have endorsements, as evidenced by the commercial I will link you… though with modern day sexual innuendos, you would think her agent would have said “Er… can we the line..?” to allow her to evade being a topic of pedo bears. Especially as right now she’s already the idol of some pedophilic dreams of enough people already…

The line in questions is “[..] Makes my taco pop!”

I know I was browsing one of my ever favorite off topic forum at ClubSi and when someone said “I can’t wait for the hardcore techno remix yeah!” and later to be met with this YTMND link: http://makemytacopop.ytmnd.com/ All I can say was my kidneys were at the mercy of hilarious and crude humor.

Another Angle to my KDE 4 Test: Installing KDE 4 Core to Suzaku

I decided I gotta be a little nutty just to have some fun… So I was curious if there was a way to install the KDE 4 core packages to get an internet experience with KDE 4 on my laptop, Suzaku. Sure enough, the process to install it for Gutsy was detailed here: Kubuntu.org – Be Free with KDE 4.0. Unfortunately with my family’s ADSL connection, it may take me a while to install the packages. The boredom of slow downloads is pretty painful or in Bender’s words from the movie “Bender’s Big Score”:

Suicide Booth, Gimme your best shot! Electrocution please, a side order of poison! Helloooo… Kill me, you stupid machine!!! What the..? Local calls 50 cents?! It’s a street corner telephone parlor!

Though I imagine that when the downloads finish installing and provided everything functions… I will probably feel like saying another one of Bender’s great quotes from the same movie:

People will call me a failure! Others however will call me the world’s sexiest killing machine, who’s fun at parties!

Welp, time to wait for the download or even possibly prep for the gym.

Update: 11:20am – Seems it finished… Time to reboot my X session and kick into KDE 4

Midnight Excitement had a Wrench in the Works

Well, in child-like excitement, I decided to spin a copy of the KDE 4 Live CD on Suzaku to play before buckling down for a full review… but there was a bit of a problem. I was hoping to directly play with things that involved internet connectivity, but the CD did not bundle in any wireless network apps. From first impression, it’s a clean looking environment. I am really looking forward to seeing it in real action on a production level operating suite such as Kubuntu, openSUSE, PClinuxOS, etc. Maybe tomorrow when I am more awake, I can sit down and play with what all I can that doesn’t require an internet connection… Unless anyone doesn’t mind me coming over to jack into a LAN port to play around with some serious eye candy. Hell, the Live CD recognized my native resolution to boot!

I will leave a bit of humor to close this short post… Nothing more embarrassing than having the KDE 4 log-in and log out sounds just blasting out of your laptop speakers at 2am in the morning and completely waking your family, all because openSUSE doesn’t recognize my onboard volume controls and refused to mute.

I am a fool, ha ha!

I was wondering why I couldn’t send out mail via my mail server, but I couldn’t figure it out all night… until this morning. Turns out I needed to reverse the last 2 digits of my mail server’s port to get everything rolling. So for those needing a laugh, feel free to laugh at my expense. LOL!