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Angel of Retribution, Devil of Rebirth

Friends, family, and my endearing fans of ZeroXR 13mg… I still remember last Friday driving at a blazing pace to set-up base at my official office at home to type out my plea for prayers and emotional assistance. The outcry generated from ZeroXR 13mg, Facebook and text messages was AMAZING! I then would proceed to Stage II of praying for a blessing, sacrificing something in tribute to the gods and demi-gods of Buddhism. Small things like an entire day of not eating meat or an entire day dedicating myself to ceaseless recital of Buddhist sutras and no stimulating entertainment, all to ask the gods to turn the karma machine on…

Well, you all poured your hearts in to praying to your gods… Be they Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, etc… They heard your prayers. I know Lord Buddha heard mine. Today was evidence of that.

It started with waking up to “dragon tears” tapping at my window at 7am in the morning. Some family of mine had recited a myth that gentle rains are usually the joyful weeping of heavenly dragons in the sky granting a pious soul a blessing. I even sacrificed styling my hair creatively as a sign of respect for asking my prayers to be granted, just to ensure things.

On my way to math class, I took an exam and aced it… Definitely a great sign!

In Chemistry, I found that my peers also had raised complaints against the teacher’s assistants delaying our exam by 15 minutes… so my professor basically said “I have your exams… You have 30 more minutes to complete your exam.” I bolted out of my seat like an agent trying to snag a dossier while deftly maneuvering others trying to make the most of my time. I managed to fight as hard as I could on the last 2 questions that I didn’t have time to do on Friday, which were worth 18 points. So knowing I did what I could, I knew that my maximum score could now be a little higher.

I would call my apartment at about 4:15pm and ask “What’s my verdict?” My agent would say “So far, things are looking in your favor. It’s being sent to the property managers so they can assess if the case is plausable to do that.” So on walking to my dorm… I just continued reciting prayers in my head. I would ask my friend David if he wanted to come down to the cafeteria with me. He would walk with me and right about 5:13pm, I would hear my phone playing my Korean pop tune ringtone. I didn’t recognize the number, but I picked up the call with due haste.

“Zero, It’s Angela* with Haven Grove Apartments*. I just wanted to give you the follow up call that your case was put before the property managers and on their overview of the case… You both were roommates in the apartment, but her not paying her portion of the bill was not justified by her. In light of this, we will split the bill right in half. You have paid a good portion so all you have left is $142 in dues. The rest will be sent to collections and they will make calls and send her letters in an effort to attempt collecting for her bill. We just need payment from you be it a money order or even a post dated check. After that, you will be absolved from your debts and her debt will be hers alone.”
* – Names changed for privacy reasons.

When I heard that news… I was elated. I had been waiting for the engines of karma to kick in and they finally did. I will say that I couldn’t have done it without you all… Hell, I even found that one of my friends was up since last night and until 6am this morning praying for me! This is proof for all of those that divine retribution works with prayer and for those who have wanted a wrong to finally become right… Karma works and so does prayer. This event is a true testament that “What comes around, goes around”. Loyal fans, friends, and family of mine… I am in your debt. I know that I owe the biggest debt to Lord Buddha for finally coming through with things.

Expect much happier and less stressed posts on ZeroXR 13mg soon..!

Much love,

Plea of Prayer – Save Me!

Some of you who have been part of the novel that is my life do remember that my ex used to communally share an apartment with me and on parting ways, we were instructed by our complex to pay our according due of $1,086 for breaking our 1 year lease contract. I was still in the balancing act of paying off some of my credit card debt, so I was only able to spare $25 a month to stave away the bill collectors… I had assumed the ex was being a responsible adult and paying $25 or however much she could pay them. I would find today that was not the case…

On journeying to the leasing office of my old home, I would be hit with a horrid shock… my complex no longer accepts segmented payments for lease termination penalties and this was a command that was from their corporate office. There was $572 left on the balance and that had to be paid before Sunday, October 5th of 2008. My face went a deathly and sickly pale white. For a sanguine guy like myself, that’s a grave sign… The leasing agent pulled up the dossier for my old home and she went through the billing records. It had shown that right after we moved out, we both were paying on time, but it wasn’t until October that I basically became the sole payer of the apartment breakage fees. I had pleaded with the agent if there was anything that could be done, because at this rate, I have basically paid right at 50% of the breakage fees. They had asked if I had anyone who could assist me and I told them I had exhausted all of my financial options. The next question was “Have you attempted to collect payment from her?” and ever since she moved off to NYC, she had refused to have anything to do with the communal debt. The agent then pondered one last long shot option before the bill would have us both in collections…

“We do have records that you have been accountable for all of your payments and with them totaling near 50%, I can try to talk to the property manager and have her try to ask our corporate to basically nullify your paid portion of the bill. You would then have your remaining portion to pay which isn’t too much more. The remaining half then would be sent to collections and penned to her name, so that your credit is no longer tied to her delinquency.”

From this dialog with the agent… It gives me a chance to finally have things fair, ’cause the ex refused to do the adult thing and take care of her portion of the bill. It’s one thing to beg others for money to fund lavish habits and swindle others… but it’s another to be reprehensible and not pay for one’s one fair share of debt.

I ask you, my readers, my friends, my family, hell… even the world… If you could give me a prayer, it would be much appreciated. I want things to be fair so the closure with my ex can finally come to a complete end. It’s bad enough that her portion of the lease breakage is there, even worse that it haunts me months after she dumped me. I am happy for myself for once and I simply want justice for fairness sake. Spread the word if you wish, because I definitely don’t mind!

[Prayer Request] Suzaku puked and my 160GB external Obelisk may potentially be dead

I swear, sometimes I think Suzaku’s dance of death is happening now sometimes… About a week ago, a stress fracture appeared on the left corner of my laptop around (ironically) the hard drive and left speaker. Then yesterday, I somehow tracted a zombie-like virus on my computer that basically tore my C:\ in Windows to shreds in real time, while I was trying to make a hasty attempt to back-up my essential data.

I managed to redo another clean install of Windows XP Media Center Edition and reconfigure Suzaku to it’s proper specification, so that’s no issue. The issue is, somehow my 160GB external hard drive named “Obelisk” has a corrupted partition table and that’s quite the predicament ’cause I cannot read a damn thing on there.

Maczimus was more than kind enough to help me as much as he could, but ultimately that would lead to one prognosis… Crack off the plastic encasing using “blunt force trauma”, plug it to a computer desktop tower, use chkdisk and other tools to try to force a repair on the partition table, salvage as much possible data as can be gotten, then reimage the drive with NTFS or EXT3, and lastly to retoss the data back on to the drive.

For once, (pardon my crude language) I am holding cooler than I normally would with a situation like this… Normally, I’d go into a bit of a panick… but at the same time, I am not scared at the moment. It’d be nice to salvage the data, but I won’t be too upset if I can’t. The good news is that my tiny window got a little bigger ’cause HDTune says the drive is in good health as far as sectors go. The only problem is the damned partition tables.

If anyone could, send me a prayer or drop a comment in hopes that I do have a chance to salvage the data.

Dropping the Loot and Honoring the Gods and Deities.

My family decided to take their jade chariot to to the Buddhist temple and participate in festivities to delight the spirit. I figured that it was in Sol’s neighborhood, so why not join them in their journey and bring my prize and Suzaku with me.

At the temple, I was at least able to make peace with the gods and deities who have gotten me thus far. I would run into Sol and we’d hang together while partaking in lunch and prayer. To eat Vietnamese Buddhist cuisine was something I had not had in the last few years… It made me realize how far I have come with regards to humility. If anything I have been far too merciful on myself and have not given myself enough credit. After reciting my prayers to the statues representative of their gods… I would make my way to Sol’s home to deliver him the Jawbone.

On dropping by Sol’s house… When I would pull the loot from my bag to pass it to him, the following image was his reaction…

Sol going "OMGZ!!!"

I close out by saying that a day of repentance and prayer with a dose of ZeroXR fun is always a good time!

Lack of Working Out, Office Chaos, and Staking Myself a Gamble

Some may have noticed that I haven’t posted any fitness logs for the past few days… It’s been hectic with New Years hours at the office and a few things throwing a wrench in my plans. I know that I should be kicking it up a notch, but the numbing mental exhaustion of fighting a chaotic front at work and another at home just overwhelm me. I hope to get some hours in on this coming weekend, as I owe it to myself to feel great.

The office has wracked my mind with just a numbing conundrum of problems. Missing files and dead end paper trails, inventory that’s out of wack,  just things that are becoming both a legal issue and a safety concern. I am greatly afraid that if my superiors don’t hammer these issues out, it will not bode well with corporate officials. I have strained my mind to find answers to these problems and I simply can’t pin-point it spot on. It gets so bad that sometimes I even have nightmares about the office where I catch myself screaming “no… no..! Not the damn papers!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!” on awaking. Well… not that dramatic, but you get my drift. From my concerns and even my new partner picking up rapidly on my worries, my superiors have decided to make a safety meeting. Unfortunately, it’ll be before our dinner at The Cheesecake Factory as a “Christmas Dinner” event because we can’t just close the office for a 35 minute – 1 hour meeting about safety issues versus national trends. The good part is not being in uniform, so I may suit up in my nice clothes to enjoy the festivities after the safety meeting.

Tomorrow, I take a trip to possibly throw the dice on a gamble that may be the best thing I have considered. Sure, it’s a 2 hour trip west of Dallas, but if the cards line up right… I may have found my ticket out of a purgatory that has been my life for the past 2 years. Being on the line for academic Hell sucks and I want to push my life towards the better. I am getting a grand tour and hopefully the investment of time will be worth the day. In the case that the gamble is a failure, it just means I need to look at some of my other options. I know the stakes of tomorrow being a total bust or “snake eyes” is a fair 50/50, so it’s all on how it plays out. The first “blind” doesn’t require a buy-in, while the second “blind” does have a $300 non-refundable buy-in.

I would like to add a prayer to my boss as he’s been struggling with being in the “doghouse” with his wife and work. I hope that things get better for him, because he feels like an infantry unit to me rather than a commander. He’s the ideal leader that I strive to work with and the same time that I would take a bullet for. It’s tough to have corporate on him for not exceeding numbers on certain corporate metrics but as well as stuff in regards to his wife. Boss, if you’re reading this, I am praying that things get better for you.

A Prayer for my Partner in Her Time of Trials

My partner at the office has had one hell of a crappy run of luck. From a rocky divorce to boyfriend issues, having to find a new home, possibly trying to get a second job to supplement income, and then today… She totaled out her car in an accident. She’s had one hell of a rough time. My assistant manager called seeking me to render her aid as my partner was simply unable to come in to do her shift today. Of course, I bolt out of bed like a secret agent after grooming myself to an acceptable manner to strap into my roadster and make it in as quick as I can.

After tagging in on the time clock… I was plugging away at my tasks while trying to hold the fort down. My assistant manager would ask me to at least call my partner to reassure her that my arrival would mean I could attempt to stabilize things until she could make it in. She would regretfully say that she had no means of transportation which was bad news… The office was under an hour lock-down for all employees and overtime was not permitted to anyone. I knew my time was going to be abruptly short, but I did not know how badly. I found that I was already at 34 hours for the week and coming in at 10:30am would mean I would have to bounce out at 4:30pm while leaving my assistant manager to fend for herself on the final stretch for 1.5 hours. I felt horrid that I couldn’t get anything done effectively as the strain of being short-handed on inventory from my other subordinate failing to order proper supply levels basically stranded us while being bombarded with work from clients all day. The worst was just the thought of leaving my assistant manager by herself, because I have never done that in all the years I have worked with the office… It is not like me to leave my leader to fight alone, because I am one to defend them.

I would like to throw this post up as a prayer for my partner that things will get better. They may take time, but I know that good things will happen along the way and that should hopefully put things towards a better path. Sometimes the path of darkness leads us to a brilliant light, but we cannot be afraid to ask for the help of others. I know that both my superiors are praying for her and I am praying for her as well. Hopefully, someone out there will be merciful on her and bring her a blessing that would be much appreciated right now. To my partner, may God give you grace in a time of trial… because when He can give you strength, you shall be able to overcome your struggles and make it out!