Upgraded Ubuntu Hardy Heron LTS with a Remix

Due to the fact that emulating Windows is not a perfect “end-all” solution for me, I have decided to make a small Windows partition for my machine for the few times I need Windows. “When?” would you say I need the operating system of the evil empire? Phone hacking procedures and some backing up of my HTC phone are essential things that could be crucial. There are also some proprietary pharmacy education tools that require the use of Windows and sadly do not play nice in Wine (for Linux) or in a Virtual Box session.

I unfortunately remember why I hate Windows so much from lack of open standards… because my native resolution of 1200 x 800 is not there, nor was my wi-fi card.

Ubuntu, however has been a pleasant experience… I have loved every minute in it! PulseAudio has been a wonderful sound server! If I can sit down and really review it… I’ll give you my full thoughts. I am going to relax for now.


I aced part one of two on my pharmaceutical aseptic training course with flying colors!