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OMGz WTF is THAT?!?!?!? – Wyno [Funny Outtake]

So I was talking about the site and out of random… she said the above. Of course, I didn’t see this myserious smilie on my page… Then I would ask Cousin Sol and he’d say “Yeah! I do!” I’d check on Internet Explorer and sure enough… I saw that creepy smile at the bottom of my site. So naturally, I’d freak out and get the shivers too!

Then my common logic kicked in of “Wyno, are you logged in?” She’d log in and then, lo and behold, it disappeared. The mystery of the creepy smilie was solved.

It comes from the WordPress.com Site Metric tracker apparently as a file called g.gif, imagine that.

The Asian Infestation at The Saigon Mall Opening!

So, my family had heard the Vietnamese community clammoring about the opening of the new Saigon Mall strip out in Garland, Texas on the AM band radio station how there were sales and giveaways. Naturally… They wanted to go. I was about to evade going, but when Sol said “Dude, I am going too!” that changed my mind. We would take my father’s jade colored chariot to the market center and be graces with a scene that looked like this…

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Dropping the Loot and Honoring the Gods and Deities.

My family decided to take their jade chariot to to the Buddhist temple and participate in festivities to delight the spirit. I figured that it was in Sol’s neighborhood, so why not join them in their journey and bring my prize and Suzaku with me.

At the temple, I was at least able to make peace with the gods and deities who have gotten me thus far. I would run into Sol and we’d hang together while partaking in lunch and prayer. To eat Vietnamese Buddhist cuisine was something I had not had in the last few years… It made me realize how far I have come with regards to humility. If anything I have been far too merciful on myself and have not given myself enough credit. After reciting my prayers to the statues representative of their gods… I would make my way to Sol’s home to deliver him the Jawbone.

On dropping by Sol’s house… When I would pull the loot from my bag to pass it to him, the following image was his reaction…

Sol going "OMGZ!!!"

I close out by saying that a day of repentance and prayer with a dose of ZeroXR fun is always a good time!

Possible Teaser and Lock-In for a Password to the Vault

In my drunken sleep last night, I mused about a funny post about how I think I have given up on dating women… be it online or offline. Too many God damn flakes and people who just suck at life. I will say that online dating has proved to be humorous, but hell… I have had enough of that. Should my loyal and devout readers want to get an “uncut”, swear-word riddled journey to debauchery and madness that will probably have them laughing until they go into organ failure… I will post up my “exploits” as a password locked post for your savory enjoyment.

I know I need to decide a winner, but let’s hope for tomorrow!

A Fun Weekend with Cousin Sol and Laughs Galore!

Sol and I hung out this weekend… We pumped much iron at the gym as he wanted to see my regimen. We worked our sorry asses through the ringer. We also happened to chance by Fry’s Electronics to gaze at DVD’s, games and electronics… but on checking out… We saw something utmost sacriligious.

Wait for it…


Burger King French Fry Chips?!

If that ain’t a sign of the world caving in on itself like a shoddy house of broken dreams… I don’t know what is!

What’s supposed to be “funny”? My “pain” and “suffering” from torn muscle tissue!

Cousin Sol, my thanks for a fun weekend with much laughter and fun!

[EVENT] Social Gathering at Times Ten Cellars in Dallas!

I have been meaning to kick back and really relax. So… I wanted to announce that I’ll be hanging out at Times Ten Cellars this Friday to relax and finally unwind! Everyone is invited to come and hang out with me to partake in some wine or other handmade snacks. Feel free to bring friends, I am always looking to make more new friends. I will be buying 2 rounds of wine, so if some of you are a little too greedy, you’ll need to chip in your fair share… be it buying snacks or more wine. For those who are not much into drinking wine… I encourage you to come down to partake in delicious cakes, truffles, and other delicacies. They do have sparkling water and soda, should you want to “drink” with me but not get a buzz.

I know some of you are the type that cannot shy away from the computer or internet, but I do have good news. Times Ten Cellars does have high speed wi-fi internet. Bring your laptop or wireless devices to hang out and relax with me! Times Ten Cellars has a very relaxed dress code, so come as you are… I came in there two weeks ago in a polo shirt, basketball pants and sandals, but the staff treated me like a well dressed enthusiast! If you’re a little “new” to wine, let me know and I may just buy you a flight of wines to try, savor, and taste if you play your cards right with me! Expect me in “casual slack” mode or “hardcore formal” mode. If you want “details” on my event, click on the picture of my “invite” below!

Time: Friday, May 9th, 2008 at 5pm
Location: Times Ten Cellars, 6324 Prospect Ave, Dallas, Texas 75214

Let us drink, laugh and be merry! For tomorrow we may die and never live again!” – Anonymous

[CONTEST EXTENSION!!!] – A Change of Heart

I looked over my entries for the goofy Bluetooth haiku contest and I am a little sad that from 1 week… I only got 3 contestants, but one of those contestants submitting three haikus! A few of my friends noted that they wanted to play but couldn’t submit one before the deadline. Under some advice from my buddy Yamcha, I will give all players a 2 week extension!!! Yep, that’s right… All you people who were discouraged from the deadline now have a fair ground to play!

The NEW official deadline is now May 19th, 2008 by 12:00am!

Send those haiku’s in! Either drop a comment or send it to info@zeroxr.com!

Here’s the review for those who missed it: https://www.zeroxr.com/?p=192

Here’s details on the contest rules, regulations and errata: https://www.zeroxr.com/?p=178

Get those entries in and make me laugh!

[Contest] Bluetooth Haiku! Oh Yeah!

I will be giving away the Aliph Jawbone (in glossy black) to one lucky contestant! However… You have to enter to be eligible to win! These are the following rules:

  • You must enter with a haiku
  • The haiku is to be themed about Bluetooth
  • The theme can be about why Bluetooth is cool or why it is important to you
  • You may submit your poems as a comment on this post OR send it to info@zeroxr.com
  • The deadline is May 4, 2008! That is ONE WEEK!

For those who have forgotten how a haiku is structured…

  • It’s a 3 line poem
  • Line one has 5 syllables
  • Line two has 7 syllables
  • Line three has 5 syllables
  • Can be unrhymed BUT should you add rhyme, this will add bonus points.

For you grammar purists, I know that a haiku is supposed to be about nature… but for the sake of this contest, we’ll deftly ignore that. 😛

Contest Winner Fine Print
If you are a Dallas local, we’ll arrange a meeting location and I will exchange you the headset to your possession. The headset will be in as-is condition so any further damages will be the responsibility of your own.

If you are not a Dallas local and you win, please contact me ASAP to arrange shipping information with me. You will be responsible for shipping charges. If there is a shipping option you’d like to opt for, let me know and front the cash. i WILL NOT BE SHIPPING TO COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE USA!

May the lulz be with you!

PS – I will be posting ALL submitted haikus on announcing the winner.

NEW ERRATA, DEADLINE EXTENDED!!! May 19th, 2008 by 12:00am!

What’s to Come and Fun Times with GPS

I have been spending some of my downtime lately with my coffee break game of choice: Final Fantasy VII – Crisis Core and sadly… I am already close to beating it, but here’s the caveat. I got to the end game part within 13 hours with Zack at L30. The combat phases are getting hard, but it has forced me to take up some of the “Missions” from the internal menu to seek leveling up. My equipment has been sparse but then again, I have been relying on in-game story drops rather than the premium mission drops. When I finish Crisis Core (probably soon) expect me to write it up. All I can say about Crisis Core is… If you haven’t played Final Fantasy VII on Playstation or PC AND watched Advent Children, Crisis Core may not have as big an impact on you. It brings one of the greatest Final Fantasy stories to a complete close. Luckily, Dirge of Cerberus for PS2 is not required “material” to play to understand Crisis Core.

Yesterday, I finally got to try out my GPS on the road but without a car mount, it was more being navigated by audio. When I got a chance to glance at my GPS, it was rather accurate. My speed was exact to my speedometer and all the road information was rather detailed. I don’t know why I didn’t get on the GPS deal sooner, ’cause it’s rather useful in pinch situations. Just I have one new problem to solve… Getting a car windshield mount, external GPS antenna, and car charger to enhance my use and benefit of GPS. Guess I’ll be saving my pennies for all that after my 8GB microSD card. 😉

Restful Sleep but a Cost…

I had a more restful sleep, but that was due to me forgetting to set my alarm on my phone. I will probably allow my body to recover for today and just heal. I will probably be mixing up my protein shake and L-Glutamine dose and hopefully that may patch me up for the day. I still have time before work, so I may just hit the hay for about another hour or two, because I think my body needs a bit more rest to properly heal and develop the new muscular tissue. I will probably do a quick gut-buster session before heading into work and then do another on coming home. I can feel the burn, but the more amazing thing is finally seeing some development in my abs.

I will leave you all with two funny note until I arise again… Last night while compiling my nutritional information on the caloric count of my dinner, I figured I would send Braum’s a website e-mail inquiring if they had nutrition facts on their food. I got an e-mail this morning stating the following:

Dear Zero,

Thank you for your email requesting nutritional information on our food service items. As mandated by the Federal Government’s “Nutrition Labeling Education Act”, all packaged goods are federally required to have nutritional information on each package. This federal law gives everyone specific and accurate guidelines with which to follow.

Currently there are no federal regulations governing food service items, and therefore, no guidelines regarding how the nutritional information is provided, calculated, etc. Because of this, many national chains, who have volunteered their information, are facing legal challenges. Not having the resources of the large national restaurants, we have been reluctant to expose ourselves to the expenses in an unregulated environment. When official regulation and guidelines are available, we will be pleased to provide the information, just as we have on our packaged food products. Again, thank you for your concerns and we hope that you will continue to visit the Braum’s store near you.

[Name Withheld]
Customer Service

In short, it comes off as “We have our prepacked goods (milk, cookies, ice cream, etc) labeled, but due to the fact we’re too small of a restaurant, we’re not required to have nutritional information about our foods.” A shame, but it leaves my caloric calculations at an unknown margin of error.

The second funny thing is that Trussville Mazda is shipping my parts in today, but here’s the catch… instead of my usual name, they somehow contort it to “Patrick”. It’s really funny, but well maybe not… I just need to contact my friend David in Allen and see when we can drop in the parts and etc.