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Elite L80 Chemistry 111 Exam, Defeated!

So… Exams… What a beating. For some of you who are my friends and/or readers, you know that chemistry has been one subject I have flogged myself to death with for being a real bugger. I know at some points some of you all even observed me just being in pure panic, almost like the fear of having a razor blade about 1 millimeter from slashing my eyes. I have fought my battles and some… I did well in and at one point, I had an A in chemistry (after salvaging things) but that quickly put me back in the realm where my other peers were…

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Angel of Retribution, Devil of Rebirth

Friends, family, and my endearing fans of ZeroXR 13mg… I still remember last Friday driving at a blazing pace to set-up base at my official office at home to type out my plea for prayers and emotional assistance. The outcry generated from ZeroXR 13mg, Facebook and text messages was AMAZING! I then would proceed to Stage II of praying for a blessing, sacrificing something in tribute to the gods and demi-gods of Buddhism. Small things like an entire day of not eating meat or an entire day dedicating myself to ceaseless recital of Buddhist sutras and no stimulating entertainment, all to ask the gods to turn the karma machine on…

Well, you all poured your hearts in to praying to your gods… Be they Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, etc… They heard your prayers. I know Lord Buddha heard mine. Today was evidence of that.

It started with waking up to “dragon tears” tapping at my window at 7am in the morning. Some family of mine had recited a myth that gentle rains are usually the joyful weeping of heavenly dragons in the sky granting a pious soul a blessing. I even sacrificed styling my hair creatively as a sign of respect for asking my prayers to be granted, just to ensure things.

On my way to math class, I took an exam and aced it… Definitely a great sign!

In Chemistry, I found that my peers also had raised complaints against the teacher’s assistants delaying our exam by 15 minutes… so my professor basically said “I have your exams… You have 30 more minutes to complete your exam.” I bolted out of my seat like an agent trying to snag a dossier while deftly maneuvering others trying to make the most of my time. I managed to fight as hard as I could on the last 2 questions that I didn’t have time to do on Friday, which were worth 18 points. So knowing I did what I could, I knew that my maximum score could now be a little higher.

I would call my apartment at about 4:15pm and ask “What’s my verdict?” My agent would say “So far, things are looking in your favor. It’s being sent to the property managers so they can assess if the case is plausable to do that.” So on walking to my dorm… I just continued reciting prayers in my head. I would ask my friend David if he wanted to come down to the cafeteria with me. He would walk with me and right about 5:13pm, I would hear my phone playing my Korean pop tune ringtone. I didn’t recognize the number, but I picked up the call with due haste.

“Zero, It’s Angela* with Haven Grove Apartments*. I just wanted to give you the follow up call that your case was put before the property managers and on their overview of the case… You both were roommates in the apartment, but her not paying her portion of the bill was not justified by her. In light of this, we will split the bill right in half. You have paid a good portion so all you have left is $142 in dues. The rest will be sent to collections and they will make calls and send her letters in an effort to attempt collecting for her bill. We just need payment from you be it a money order or even a post dated check. After that, you will be absolved from your debts and her debt will be hers alone.”
* – Names changed for privacy reasons.

When I heard that news… I was elated. I had been waiting for the engines of karma to kick in and they finally did. I will say that I couldn’t have done it without you all… Hell, I even found that one of my friends was up since last night and until 6am this morning praying for me! This is proof for all of those that divine retribution works with prayer and for those who have wanted a wrong to finally become right… Karma works and so does prayer. This event is a true testament that “What comes around, goes around”. Loyal fans, friends, and family of mine… I am in your debt. I know that I owe the biggest debt to Lord Buddha for finally coming through with things.

Expect much happier and less stressed posts on ZeroXR 13mg soon..!

Much love,

Charity begets Elegance [Thank You Post]

This past Sunday, I got my friend Wendy’s computer cleaned to the bare system and meddled with her request to have the system running Windows XP again. It took me a few hours to get it going but once all was well, it was grand. Wendy felt bad that I didn’t drink too much on my charity effort and wanted to do something a little more classy for me. She remembered that at the offices of ZeroXR, all I just had was a bottle of Yamazaki 12 year old whiskey and remembered I was trying to keep it only for special occasions… Well last night she ended up presenting me something far too kind for anyone who’s a fan of me as a friend or my site.

Shades of Blue

I was rewarded with a 750mL bottle of Disaronno Amaretto and a 750mL bottle of Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Irish Cream. I didn’t have much to drink earlier in the night, but it was spectacular to finish a night of consoling a few of my very close friends with romantic problems to have those bottles in my hands. The Disaronno I have had, however, the Bailey’s was rather new to me. I decided to have some in the safety of the office of ZeroXR after hours over ice. The silky dark chocolate laced with a refreshing hint of the mint made it stunning to behold. The best way to describe it be comparing it to a drive in a very windy mountain road with the top dropped down and the temperature of the air being 70F to just relax in simple opulence.

The two new bottles of liquor have earned their place as part of my stash of thinking liquors. By thinking liquors, I mean products that will be a “staple” for when I am buckling down hard on meaningful posts for the site and that could definitely use something to unwind and unlock my potentials. Yamazaki is purely too special to be squandered away… That’s for truly joyous occasions. Bailey’s and Disaronno however are wonderful pleasures that aren’t too difficult to buy.