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Elite L80 Chemistry 111 Exam, Defeated!

So… Exams… What a beating. For some of you who are my friends and/or readers, you know that chemistry has been one subject I have flogged myself to death with for being a real bugger. I know at some points some of you all even observed me just being in pure panic, almost like the fear of having a razor blade about 1 millimeter from slashing my eyes. I have fought my battles and some… I did well in and at one point, I had an A in chemistry (after salvaging things) but that quickly put me back in the realm where my other peers were…

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Happy Anniversary of ZeroXR 13mg! One Year of Evolution!

Ah… One year ago, I remember talking to Merinda about websites. She was fixing to launch hers and she said something along the lines of this quotation:

Sometimes you have to make a name for yourself and a brand to showcase your own ideals to the world. Start something and watch it grow~!

I weighed those words heavily and then took up her offer to refer me to Dreamhost. I am very glad I did take up her offer as I have branded myself online and the best part… I have watched my writing evolve tremendously. I started out feeble but quickly learned to revisit old works and build from those. However… I cannot give myself all the credit. I had many others help build me as a writer. My good friends from the Dallas Ubuntu Linux group, those helped me a ton. There was also my two lovely guest writers who flank me. The lovely Miss Wyno and the honored Miss Ivy, I thank them for aiding me on proofing and even revising. Then there was the greatest influence… My small grouping of fans.

Some of you were just fans of my site back when the older Vox hosted site was running. Some of you joined up when I decided to feed an RSS line into Facebook. Some of you became fans when I had just gotten my cheap business cards… Then some of you recently became fans from knowing me at school and being curious of the web address on my contact card. From that… I watched 1-5 hits a day become 20 – up to 60 a day on some days!

I would like to thank you all for 1 year of evolution. One year of change and embracing the principle: “Evolve or Die”. I know I have a few things I need to fix to grow even stronger as a writer. Some of you all have had the courage to help say “This needs to be better” or “That is good!” For those of you, I am glad you drop feedback! I look forward to even more good things later on!