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Charity begets Elegance [Thank You Post]

This past Sunday, I got my friend Wendy’s computer cleaned to the bare system and meddled with her request to have the system running Windows XP again. It took me a few hours to get it going but once all was well, it was grand. Wendy felt bad that I didn’t drink too much on my charity effort and wanted to do something a little more classy for me. She remembered that at the offices of ZeroXR, all I just had was a bottle of Yamazaki 12 year old whiskey and remembered I was trying to keep it only for special occasions… Well last night she ended up presenting me something far too kind for anyone who’s a fan of me as a friend or my site.

Shades of Blue

I was rewarded with a 750mL bottle of Disaronno Amaretto and a 750mL bottle of Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Irish Cream. I didn’t have much to drink earlier in the night, but it was spectacular to finish a night of consoling a few of my very close friends with romantic problems to have those bottles in my hands. The Disaronno I have had, however, the Bailey’s was rather new to me. I decided to have some in the safety of the office of ZeroXR after hours over ice. The silky dark chocolate laced with a refreshing hint of the mint made it stunning to behold. The best way to describe it be comparing it to a drive in a very windy mountain road with the top dropped down and the temperature of the air being 70F to just relax in simple opulence.

The two new bottles of liquor have earned their place as part of my stash of thinking liquors. By thinking liquors, I mean products that will be a “staple” for when I am buckling down hard on meaningful posts for the site and that could definitely use something to unwind and unlock my potentials. Yamazaki is purely too special to be squandered away… That’s for truly joyous occasions. Bailey’s and Disaronno however are wonderful pleasures that aren’t too difficult to buy.

Queen – “We are the Champions! We are the Champions! No time for losers, ’cause we are the champions of the world!”

Today was the day that would decide my fate… It was either giving it my all or going home broke. I went to the examination room. It was a somber place. A halo of deathly silence came over us all. My pharmacist and instructor basically made a short speech going along the lines of:

I am proud you have gone this far and exceled on your practical final. Today will be the real test of knowlege and retention. Make me proud and take your time! I know you all can do your best!

From there, we were dropped the exam. It was a narrow line of failure and glory. Twenty questions and a minimal grade of 70% to pass. The math part tripped me up as some of my closest readers know that I had something derail me from concentrating at my optimum level. The scary part… It was like deja vu of 2005 and me walking out of the testing room. I completed my test and got it graded only 20 minutes after being issued the exam…

I would walk alone… but I found out I passed with flying colors!

I had to celebrate with something special, classy, and unique… So I hit up Centennial Fine Wine and Spirits for something to fit the bill. I found something that was worth the full price.

Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt box

The box clearly just mentions what it is without flowery art and bullshit!

Yamazaki Bottle

The bottle glows with a liquor so fine that it begs to be drank from!

Beauty in a Glass

The smell is wonderful although a little overpowering from the alcoholic notes… The first sip was like a love story that met my ideals… A woman dedicated to me but had been separated from me, she had left me a love note saying “Wait for me…” almost 7 years ago and to be finally reunited with her. That was the first sip… every returning sip was like more of the love story being written on my taste buds. It was like something that a fantasy romance novel… Totally worth the price of admission!