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[Contest End!] Winner for the Haiku Competition!

So after much deliberation, many rounds of Yamazaki single malt whiskey, and bottles of Guinness Draught… I have a winner for Bluetooth haiku contest. The last two poems recieved really shook up the competition. It was like a rather lively duel. It was tough as these new poems really shook things up. However… Once the dust settled… There was one clear winner.

I would like to announce Sol Badguy as the winner of my contest! Congratulations!

Silverware is for Food, Not Ears

Spoon and fork cause frustration
Silverware that can’t do squat for ears
Spoon and fork beckon bluetooth

Rei came very close… so I may see about sending her a “runner up” door prize from the “prize closet” of ZeroXR 13mg. I will give her posterity and show case her poem. The rest… Due to the lackluster showcase of entries… I will leave them in the grave. I leave you with Rei’s haiku.

Oh Aliph Jawbone
You pwn my H350 (pronounced three fifty)
It crackles too much

[CONTEST EXTENSION!!!] – A Change of Heart

I looked over my entries for the goofy Bluetooth haiku contest and I am a little sad that from 1 week… I only got 3 contestants, but one of those contestants submitting three haikus! A few of my friends noted that they wanted to play but couldn’t submit one before the deadline. Under some advice from my buddy Yamcha, I will give all players a 2 week extension!!! Yep, that’s right… All you people who were discouraged from the deadline now have a fair ground to play!

The NEW official deadline is now May 19th, 2008 by 12:00am!

Send those haiku’s in! Either drop a comment or send it to info@zeroxr.com!

Here’s the review for those who missed it: https://www.zeroxr.com/?p=192

Here’s details on the contest rules, regulations and errata: https://www.zeroxr.com/?p=178

Get those entries in and make me laugh!

[Contest] Bluetooth Haiku! Oh Yeah!

I will be giving away the Aliph Jawbone (in glossy black) to one lucky contestant! However… You have to enter to be eligible to win! These are the following rules:

  • You must enter with a haiku
  • The haiku is to be themed about Bluetooth
  • The theme can be about why Bluetooth is cool or why it is important to you
  • You may submit your poems as a comment on this post OR send it to info@zeroxr.com
  • The deadline is May 4, 2008! That is ONE WEEK!

For those who have forgotten how a haiku is structured…

  • It’s a 3 line poem
  • Line one has 5 syllables
  • Line two has 7 syllables
  • Line three has 5 syllables
  • Can be unrhymed BUT should you add rhyme, this will add bonus points.

For you grammar purists, I know that a haiku is supposed to be about nature… but for the sake of this contest, we’ll deftly ignore that. 😛

Contest Winner Fine Print
If you are a Dallas local, we’ll arrange a meeting location and I will exchange you the headset to your possession. The headset will be in as-is condition so any further damages will be the responsibility of your own.

If you are not a Dallas local and you win, please contact me ASAP to arrange shipping information with me. You will be responsible for shipping charges. If there is a shipping option you’d like to opt for, let me know and front the cash. i WILL NOT BE SHIPPING TO COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE USA!

May the lulz be with you!

PS – I will be posting ALL submitted haikus on announcing the winner.

NEW ERRATA, DEADLINE EXTENDED!!! May 19th, 2008 by 12:00am!

Idea: Bluetooth Headset Shoot-Out AND A Contest!

So I am debating on shooting out 2 of the most popular noise canceling headsets on the market that are aimed at fashion and function aficionados. I have one headset, I just need to pick up the other. For this review, I do need someone who’s willing to volunteer some time to take images of the headset and it being worn. Optionally, a “model” for the headset would be best as I don’t think it’d be attractive to be taking snaps of me. If you would like to volunteer your efforts, let me know, I will compensate you for your time, be you a photographer or a “model”.

If you’re in the Dallas, Texas area and do not mind volunteering your efforts for possibly food and drink for either being a model or a photographer for my review… Drop me a line here at info@zeroxr.com and let me know!

There’s more to this all though…

I will keep one of the headsets from the shoot-out and as for the other one… I will be GIVING IT AWAY! Yes, that’s right..! I will be giving one of these high end Bluetooth headsets after the review. The offer is for both people local to Dallas and outside of Dallas. However if you are not local to Dallas, we’ll have to talk about shipping arrangements. I have not decided what the contest will be about, but I will work on drafting up the details tonight and hopefully have it posted up by the time the review goes live. If you’d like to help me with rules and errata, drop me a line on my messengers, IRC, or at my info@zeroxr.com mailbox.