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[Contest] Bluetooth Haiku! Oh Yeah!

I will be giving away the Aliph Jawbone (in glossy black) to one lucky contestant! However… You have to enter to be eligible to win! These are the following rules:

  • You must enter with a haiku
  • The haiku is to be themed about Bluetooth
  • The theme can be about why Bluetooth is cool or why it is important to you
  • You may submit your poems as a comment on this post OR send it to info@zeroxr.com
  • The deadline is May 4, 2008! That is ONE WEEK!

For those who have forgotten how a haiku is structured…

  • It’s a 3 line poem
  • Line one has 5 syllables
  • Line two has 7 syllables
  • Line three has 5 syllables
  • Can be unrhymed BUT should you add rhyme, this will add bonus points.

For you grammar purists, I know that a haiku is supposed to be about nature… but for the sake of this contest, we’ll deftly ignore that. 😛

Contest Winner Fine Print
If you are a Dallas local, we’ll arrange a meeting location and I will exchange you the headset to your possession. The headset will be in as-is condition so any further damages will be the responsibility of your own.

If you are not a Dallas local and you win, please contact me ASAP to arrange shipping information with me. You will be responsible for shipping charges. If there is a shipping option you’d like to opt for, let me know and front the cash. i WILL NOT BE SHIPPING TO COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE USA!

May the lulz be with you!

PS – I will be posting ALL submitted haikus on announcing the winner.

NEW ERRATA, DEADLINE EXTENDED!!! May 19th, 2008 by 12:00am!