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[EVENT] Social Gathering at Times Ten Cellars in Dallas!

I have been meaning to kick back and really relax. So… I wanted to announce that I’ll be hanging out at Times Ten Cellars this Friday to relax and finally unwind! Everyone is invited to come and hang out with me to partake in some wine or other handmade snacks. Feel free to bring friends, I am always looking to make more new friends. I will be buying 2 rounds of wine, so if some of you are a little too greedy, you’ll need to chip in your fair share… be it buying snacks or more wine. For those who are not much into drinking wine… I encourage you to come down to partake in delicious cakes, truffles, and other delicacies. They do have sparkling water and soda, should you want to “drink” with me but not get a buzz.

I know some of you are the type that cannot shy away from the computer or internet, but I do have good news. Times Ten Cellars does have high speed wi-fi internet. Bring your laptop or wireless devices to hang out and relax with me! Times Ten Cellars has a very relaxed dress code, so come as you are… I came in there two weeks ago in a polo shirt, basketball pants and sandals, but the staff treated me like a well dressed enthusiast! If you’re a little “new” to wine, let me know and I may just buy you a flight of wines to try, savor, and taste if you play your cards right with me! Expect me in “casual slack” mode or “hardcore formal” mode. If you want “details” on my event, click on the picture of my “invite” below!

Time: Friday, May 9th, 2008 at 5pm
Location: Times Ten Cellars, 6324 Prospect Ave, Dallas, Texas 75214

Let us drink, laugh and be merry! For tomorrow we may die and never live again!” – Anonymous

Hang-Out Invitation!

Well, it’s a lovely weekend and I could use a good end to a chapter of my life. I invite you all to hang out with me and just be yourselves and possibly mingle with each other… Here’s the formal “invitation” form, click it to view it in its glory. If you have my contact data, gimme a call and maybe we can all converge at one place. If no one responds, no big deal… no hurt feelings here.

Rick James, if you were alive… We’d be homies!

So I was elated about my acceptance to Texas A&M Commerce… Everything tasted so much sweeter last night knowing that I was accepted in. The Jagermeister tasted probably far better to me than any other person from my victory… but the celebration did not stop there…

In honor of the late Rick James, I quote one of his greatest lines from the Dave Chappell skit… “It’s a celebration bitches! Drink up, be marry!”

My partner called me socially to say “What up” and see if I had planned my afternoon. So I had relayed her the great news about my acceptance and well… she basically said “Well shit, Zero..! Dude, let’s go have a drink and lunch to celebrate!” Boy did I ever…  So I have been sipping on Dissarono, Maker’s Mark, and had a shot of Jagermeister so far… I feel damn great and glad I could celebrate my acceptance like a bad ass. To my partner, I thank you for your kindness and excitement.