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Soon to Come, Slowing Down, and Sexy Parties.

College is a time when things like getting prepared for the new curriculum and other such items are a chaotic universe. We have to fight through the chains of financial burden just to make an investment in our education. I know I have been busy on multiple fronts with college prep, fighting a battle ground at the offices of my daily grind, and trying to find time for myself to relax from the chaos.

What’s happening here at the desk of Zero? I have a few articles I have been working on from my phone when I have down time at my daily grind or out and about town. One of them is actually pretty good with regards to content. I have found a potential editor for my new site revamp, so unless that falls through… I just need to find a photographer to fashonably capture me in my best and enjoying life, my pursuits, and good times. I hope to have the revamp up by end of July as well as my interview.

With school on the horizon, I foresee myself writing significantly less due to buckling down to finish the last of my pre-pharmacy course work and hopefully hit out to pharmacy school and take my PCAT’s. I’ll definitely try to put some fuel to the fires of ZeroXR 13mg, but I will not lie when I say it’ll be one hell of a battle. My offer for a guest editor to the site is still valid to anyone who wishes to make articles within my vectors. If you are interested, please send your inquiries to me again to info@zeroxr.com.

Lately, I have been thinking of doing another big “meet-n-greet” event for ZeroXR 13mg as well as a “Farewell to Zero ’cause he’s going to Commerce” party for my friends. I know some were excited to hear that I am leaving for school, but at the same time sad to hear that I will probably be obsessed with work and school. My party will probably be held closer to early to mid August before everyone else starts heading back to college as well. Cousin Sol will be dragged out to this event for sure… but I will blanket friends with the invite once I have everything penned down. Expect the place for this event to be both refined and fun… and possibly involving sharp pointed objects!

Speaking of sharp pointed objects… I am trying to possibly flesh out details for Cousin Sol’s 21st birthday. I do need help on one vector… Friends to come out to the event. Many of my loyal readers have heard the tale of my 21st birthday being the one blemish on my life I wish I could undo… but in light of that, I would like to make Sol’s 21st a fantastic one so he can at least have a smashing good time. (No pun intended of course…) I would like to be a brother to him and give him a gathering that would be impressive no less. Due to his love of medieval and feudal culture, I have had my mind set on Medieval Times in Dallas for the location. The time… That will be dependent on our school schedules.

A Fun Weekend with Cousin Sol and Laughs Galore!

Sol and I hung out this weekend… We pumped much iron at the gym as he wanted to see my regimen. We worked our sorry asses through the ringer. We also happened to chance by Fry’s Electronics to gaze at DVD’s, games and electronics… but on checking out… We saw something utmost sacriligious.

Wait for it…


Burger King French Fry Chips?!

If that ain’t a sign of the world caving in on itself like a shoddy house of broken dreams… I don’t know what is!

What’s supposed to be “funny”? My “pain” and “suffering” from torn muscle tissue!

Cousin Sol, my thanks for a fun weekend with much laughter and fun!

A Tribute of Thanks and Finding Forgiveness

I would like to thank the following few folks for keeping me from doing something stupid or kicking the bucket. You all may have done something small, but to me… It means a whole lot. It’s good to know that help is not far with you all around to give me an inspiring set of words or just a simple “Are you ok?” This one goes out to all of you all who just kept messaging me and trying to keep me sane and from picking myself apart.

Bonny, you have my thanks for hearing me out and having me hang out with Hai and the gang. It helped me end things on a good note, so I am very grateful for the reality check.

Linda, thanks for all the consoling on the last few days. It means a lot to me when you shoot a simple message just to make sure that I am alright.

Merinda, thanks for shooting me inspiring messages all day to keep me going. It made surviving work a little easier.

Amanda, thanks for at least letting me know that I should need not worry about myself. I know you have mentioned that I should be seeking my own merits rather than fracturing them.

She, my thanks for shooting a message to make sure I am ok. Hopefully, you got my message about what all happened.

Rei, thanks for the phone call… It was probably like the IV line I needed that was full of reason. I know I have been tearing myself to shreds but the reason made it all hit home.

Cousin Sol, you sir… you went above and beyond. Your urgency to my situation was like that of a combat medic. Thanks for being there for me and hearing me out on my phone call.

Desiree, you have my appreciation for checking to make sure I was alright.

Jan, even though you’re my assistant manager… You’re like a mother and a close friend to me. Thank you for your encouraging words, they mean the most to me.

Lastly… Twitch, thanks for your insight on things and giving me advice that was almost like the quelling dose of IV Dilaudid. It wasn’t quite what I hoped for, but in the end, it was like the best course of therapy.

From the 9 folks of the above… They all had one theme in common in their kind advice:

Forgive yourself, because above all things… you’re human.

I realize I have forsaken myself many times all because I couldn’t realize that I had my own merits. All I can do is be driven by my own hopes and dreams in search of strength. I need to fuel myself harder on tearing more new adipose tissue. I will have to fight hard with Commerce on the way to get my degree. The most important quest of all is to realize myself, my potential, and that I am ultimately a good person.

The most important pearl of advice is from Merinda:

Never lose your dreams and honor, that’s what separates you from others in this world.