Dinner Log – 3/21/2007

Ended up going out on the town to walk and all with a friend. I could feel the muscles on my legs being torn and trying to heal. Once dinner rolled around, I could hear both my stomach and muscles going “Food! NOW!” Went to Blue Mesa out in Dallas and for once actually ate modestly. Rather than getting a huge plate of food… I got the sampler dish and it had a nibble of 3 selections. I stayed off mixed drinks and alcohol tonight so a major win there!

Blue Mesa dinner – 900 Calories (rough estimate)

I have been hydrating constantly with water from the Crea-Tech Extreme drying my out from feeding my muscles water and nutrients… I also forgot to account for a slight deficit from work-out caloric burn, so I may be under nourishing myself. I am having a snack now to replenish the lost electrolytes and boost me up on nutrients.

Banana – 120 calories

Grand Total: 1,720 calories

Workout Log 3/21/2008 + Crea-Tech Extreme and Whey Protein & L-Glutamine Dose

I would end up taking Twitch’s advice and try out free weights today to see that as an avenue for progress. In addition to that… I would also try to do a warm-up and cool down sprint on the crossramp machines to see if the impact is a little better than just doing all my cardio in the beginning. I also decided to throw in a super-set of squats at the end to try to max out so my legs are throughly beat the hell up.

Warm-up Phase: Crossramp machine

  • Duration: 10 minutes + 5 minute cool down
  • Crossramp level 6
  • Resistance (initial/cooldown) level 8/6
  • 157 Calories
  • 1.36 miles
  • Max heart rate: 165 bpm
  • Average: 160bpm

Dumbbell Squats

  • 40 lbs (20/side)
  • 10 reps
  • 3 sets

Dumbbell Lunges

  • 30 lbs (15/side)
  • 10 reps
  • 3 sets

Lateral Cable Pulls

  • 40 lbs (20/side)
  • 10 reps
  • 2 sets

Lateral Cable Pulls, second run

  • 20 lbs (10/side)
  • 5 reps
  • 3 sets

Dumbbell Squats Super-Set

  • 25 lbs (12.5/side)
  • 5 reps
  • 13 sets

Cool down phase: Crossramp Machine

  • Duration: 5 minutes + 5 minute cool down
  • Crossramp level 10
  • Resistance level 1
  • 76 calories
  • 0.73 miles

Crea-Tech Extreme drink – 300 Calories, 20 grams of creatine
Chocolate Whey Protein and L-Glutamine shake in Silk soy milk (160z) – 400 Calories, 36 grams of protein

Total Caloric Count: 700 Calories

Completely Rebuilding the Concept – Reforging my Workout Plan

I ended up catching my friend Twitch late this evening asking if he knew a site that had images of weight lifting techniques for free weights… and on browsing ExRx.net, I found the one thing I was needing… a work-out template. I am debating on doing the competitive 3-day cycle like the suggested recommendation:

  • Sunday – Off
  • Monday – A-set
  • Tuesday – B-set
  • Wednesday – C-set
  • Thursday – A-set
  • Friday – B-set
  • Saturday – Off

Then to continue cycling in to the next week with the following Monday as doing a C-set, et cetera. It’ll be a grueling set, but I am plenty excited to probably start this regimen as soon as next week. I plan to push hard and push to the extreme, because I am already seeing some results. However, there may be a kink in my plans. I may just start into a 2-day routine due to my IV and aseptic training course. I won’t say I want to be super cut-up by November, but I would like to have more definition than the slight definition I have now. The IV class only runs from 4/2 – 5/21 so it’s a month and a half of compromise… unless I am seriously insane enough to get up early and maximize my time from early morning until end of class to power through my 3-day training cycle. Not out of the question really…

Tomorrow, I plan to try to stick with free weights and take Twitch’s suggestion to do a 15 minute run on cardio before and after hitting the weights.

My friends, loyal readers, and those who are silently cheering… Thanks for your encouragement. It means more than you could imagine.

Burning the Midnight Oil – Gut-Buster, Part Deux and Push-Ups

Standard push-ups – 50 reps, 3 sets

Full sit-ups – 20 reps, 3 sets

My arms feel throughly tired and as do my abs. I am about to water up and rest up to wake at 6-ish and do my hard workout. I talked to my “sports nutrition” fanatic (“Ghost Rider” being his nickname) and he’s advised me to just take a steady dose of the Crea-Tech Extreme rather than the bulky loading dose method. I will probably take his advice and begin the “maintenance dosing” of the Crea-Tech Extreme. I will hold off on the Activate Xtreme until next week when I will probably purchase it via Schpenke’s link. From Ghost Rider’s advice, if I let the Crea-Tech Extreme work for about a week or two, then by taking the Activate Xtreme, it may help amp-up the results I am seeking.