Off Day

Today, I will leave as an off day for my work-out. Tomorrow I plan to hit the gym to do leg based exercises as well as push related exercises. The body is sore but the muscle tissue is growing. I may try to hammer out some articles before bed time tonight so hopefully after work I can get that taken care of. I am very glad to be on whey protein as that’s been helping to expedite my healing. The Crea-Tech Extreme has definitely been helping me push through my sets and power through my days. I am finally seeing shadows of results and it’s a rather inspiring sight. I can only imagine how much that will show up come August.

Simplicity is Beauty

I have gotten a few folks saying that my old U3 K2 layout was a bit too much… so I have decided to just keep it simple with the default clean WordPress Default layout. For one… it doesn’t have all the wacky AJAX applets. Another thing… It loads a lot faster. The best part is that WordPress 2.5 integrates a lot of the things that I had bulky plug-ins for into a neat build-in package. I know it doesn’t look “super unique” but sometimes, simplicity is the best answer.

Feel free to drop in a comment or “complaint” as need be.