Late night filler post… An Apology

My loyal readers… I am sorry for lacking the great content on the site lately. I have been in a rather poor state of health and it’s been hindering my ability to generate articles for the site. My mind has been wracked with trying to find dealers for my roadster’s parts to do the 60,000 mile maintenance, FAFSA troubles and their need for my family’s income, and work related burn-out. I know for a fact that I will hopefully do 60,000 mile service soon… After that… I will be taking a journey back to Commerce to do finalized logistics and status about my housing application.

I have my IV course coming April and ending late May. Hopefully, it will not be too late to apply to a hospital and go hardcore there and shift my cubicle work into 16 – 20 hours part time. My rationale is to go absolutely fucking nuts with 40+ hours at the hospital to rake up cash, save it off and use my cubicle pay to just pay essentials. I rather miss working with injectable medicine, but when you’re bum out of luck… any job is a blessing. The hospital work could also help me repay family at a vastly high pace to get me out of debt with them, something I could really use… Or hell… a few months of paid car insurance or car notes!

In my personal life, there is one plan I have… Just I need a rather large capital to fund one part of it. I hope I can go through with part one… because if I can, it may just ease my heart. I know that after the 60,000 mile maintenance, expect some posts about me loading up on supplement powders and a very welcomed return to my fitness logs. I may try to track my progress a little more scientifically as well as add in more precise details for those who want to replicate my results. This piece is one I know I need to get done, because it means the most to me. I would like to be in shape again and even better than my supposed prime from back when I was 19.

Expect the following to come…

  • Picture post of Devil’s 60,000 mile maintenance procedure
  • R4DS Card purchase for my DS and a review (potential)
  • Going on a much deserved vacation, hopefully in the works
  • Return of my fitness posts with supercharged addition of power supplements

Keep your RSS readers updated and watch for the new content! Thanks to you all who have been supportive of me in my time of sickness.