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Burning the Midnight Oil – Gut-Buster, Part Deux and Push-Ups

Standard push-ups – 50 reps, 3 sets

Full sit-ups – 20 reps, 3 sets

My arms feel throughly tired and as do my abs. I am about to water up and rest up to wake at 6-ish and do my hard workout. I talked to my “sports nutrition” fanatic (“Ghost Rider” being his nickname) and he’s advised me to just take a steady dose of the Crea-Tech Extreme rather than the bulky loading dose method. I will probably take his advice and begin the “maintenance dosing” of the Crea-Tech Extreme. I will hold off on the Activate Xtreme until next week when I will probably purchase it via Schpenke’s link. From Ghost Rider’s advice, if I let the Crea-Tech Extreme work for about a week or two, then by taking the Activate Xtreme, it may help amp-up the results I am seeking.

Quick Gut-Buster Session

This was more to make-up as an off day for not hitting up the gym… It’s a relatively short set, but I plan to build up more on it tonight after work. After this I will be making my 16oz dose of my protein and L-Glutamine shake to take now and during work. I may dose up on my Clif Builder Bar as a snack. If the pang of serious hunger hits, I may see about hitting the cafe close to the office for a sandwich or something. I will be data logging my eating today and hopefully I should be fine until I get home.

Blitz Set – 4 sets, no break
20 Crunches
20 Bicycle crunches
20 Cross crunches
20 Double-cross crunches