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Happy Birthday to Me!

I would like to say that turning a year older and wiser has been the best this time around. I have been glad to have had a restful yet fun birthday this year that I dare say surpasses many birthdays in my past. When you have a quaint family style Italian lunch with some of your best friends, a sushi dinner, and just a lot of laughter from it.

Today, I unfortunately do not get to rest. I must fight through the day. I am thankful for my friends and even more so from my best friend giving me something very special to me. I can say that it’s great to exhaust the celebration out of me and fall back into reality.

Queen – “We are the Champions! We are the Champions! No time for losers, ’cause we are the champions of the world!”

Today was the day that would decide my fate… It was either giving it my all or going home broke. I went to the examination room. It was a somber place. A halo of deathly silence came over us all. My pharmacist and instructor basically made a short speech going along the lines of:

I am proud you have gone this far and exceled on your practical final. Today will be the real test of knowlege and retention. Make me proud and take your time! I know you all can do your best!

From there, we were dropped the exam. It was a narrow line of failure and glory. Twenty questions and a minimal grade of 70% to pass. The math part tripped me up as some of my closest readers know that I had something derail me from concentrating at my optimum level. The scary part… It was like deja vu of 2005 and me walking out of the testing room. I completed my test and got it graded only 20 minutes after being issued the exam…

I would walk alone… but I found out I passed with flying colors!

I had to celebrate with something special, classy, and unique… So I hit up Centennial Fine Wine and Spirits for something to fit the bill. I found something that was worth the full price.

Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt box

The box clearly just mentions what it is without flowery art and bullshit!

Yamazaki Bottle

The bottle glows with a liquor so fine that it begs to be drank from!

Beauty in a Glass

The smell is wonderful although a little overpowering from the alcoholic notes… The first sip was like a love story that met my ideals… A woman dedicated to me but had been separated from me, she had left me a love note saying “Wait for me…” almost 7 years ago and to be finally reunited with her. That was the first sip… every returning sip was like more of the love story being written on my taste buds. It was like something that a fantasy romance novel… Totally worth the price of admission!


Rick James, if you were alive… We’d be homies!

So I was elated about my acceptance to Texas A&M Commerce… Everything tasted so much sweeter last night knowing that I was accepted in. The Jagermeister tasted probably far better to me than any other person from my victory… but the celebration did not stop there…

In honor of the late Rick James, I quote one of his greatest lines from the Dave Chappell skit… “It’s a celebration bitches! Drink up, be marry!”

My partner called me socially to say “What up” and see if I had planned my afternoon. So I had relayed her the great news about my acceptance and well… she basically said “Well shit, Zero..! Dude, let’s go have a drink and lunch to celebrate!” Boy did I ever…  So I have been sipping on Dissarono, Maker’s Mark, and had a shot of Jagermeister so far… I feel damn great and glad I could celebrate my acceptance like a bad ass. To my partner, I thank you for your kindness and excitement.

“Zero, you have been called… Show of hand please”

Today, I wandered about Dallas to get my mind off of stress from family, the office, and my hobbling financial status. It was a fun day and ended well. I would come home to my office and see 2 envelopes from Texas A&M Commerce on Suzaku’s keyboard. I was expecting bad news… especially because one of the envelopes was thick enough to kill a man.

I had expected the thin one to be my “rejection” and a message of “See the next letter as to why… because we can’t fit it in this envelope.” Then the second one to be the “here’s why you fail at life” explanation on why I was rejected. I took my favorite lockblade knife and used it as a crude letter opener. I figure may as well open the thinner of the two first to take it in stride. The thinner letter was odd… It had stated that I was able to set-up my campus e-mail with the online account management. I was a bit weirded out thinking “Why would they tell me that..? What’s the bloody status on my acceptance?!” So wild frenzy told me to gut open the bombshell in an envelope… On opening it, I saw the strain I was looking for:

Congratulations! We’re pleased to inform you that your application to Texas A&M University – Commerce for the Fall 2008 semester has been reviewed and accepted. We take great pride in welcoming you as a new member of an outstanding student body whose accomplishments and contributions to society are many.

My family was asleep so I couldn’t rouse them from my sleep… but earlier in the day, I had bought a 200ml flask of Jagermeister to keep on hand for when there was a time I needed it. After seeing that letter… there was only one thing to do.

It’s a celebration, bitches” – Rick James

A shot for my hard efforts finally going somewhere and then another shot to celebrate that my life is finally turning around for the better. The savory herbs with a hint of sweet caramel flavors in the liquor made it quite a good aperitif from the great dinner I had. Life is great again and I hope that it may only get better!