Thank You Everyone for Your Support!

When I launched ZeroXR 13mg, I did not expect it to grow much. I figured that it’d just be a work space for me to just develop my work. After having my application to a tech blog get rejected from lack of a writer’s resume, I wanted to get some quality work generated on here. Amazingly enough, just from linking a few of my friends… I seem to have traffic coming in from friends who have returned me the favor of linking back to me. This has actually gotten me RSS subscribers as well as regular readers!

I have loved the feedback I have gotten from my friends, cousin Sol, and the members of Ubuntu Dallas. Casual readers who have stumbled on my site from me dropping a link, your comments have been inspiring as well. My personal posts seem to have inspired some of you who have wanted a pearl of advice. That is probably the thing that makes me smile knowing that I have helped you find guidance in your own lives.

As for the site, I just need some help in designing a logo for the site, a business card logo, and a business card design. If there’s anyone good with CSS that can design a slick looking header for my WordPress, feel free to let me know. Anyone who’s available to help me do some logo design would be great!

I am in debt to the readers of my site, keep me inspired! I am looking forward to this year already!