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Grateful Appreciation, Reminders, Meet-n-Greet Event!

Dear and loyal readers of ZeroXR 13mg, I am thankful for your very touching feedback lately with regards to stuff like the contest or just letting me know what all is good and what needs improvement. I am also thankful that in my time of need, you all have been supportive of me to help me stand tall once again. To you, loyal readers, fans, and associates… I say thank you!

I would like to remind readers that my Bluetooth haiku contest has been extended, if you have not taken notice, I advise you to take a gander at this link for the details: ZeroXR 13mg Bluetooth Haiku Contest The main point is to have fun and be snarky or creative… I am hoping to give some of you potential contestants some time to construct your haikus due to some people saying the 1 week time frame was “unfair”.

As far as tonight’s frivolities at Times Ten Cellars, I’d like to extend that event to EVERYONE who wishes to join. Let’s just call it a ZeroXR 13mg Meet-n-Greet event, you can meet up with me and possibly get some Ubuntu related door prizes if I can scrounge around for them… Be you enemy, comrade, or a peer of mine… I shall welcome you with my sincerity and maybe even offer you a glass of delicious wine if you can put aside your differences. What good is it to hold grudges or be xenophobic when life can be tragically short, bitter and dull? If you wish to come, please feel free to drop me a comment or even give me a phone call if you have my contact information.

Let us laugh, drink, and be merry to forget and forgive things depressing events of yore to temper and forge new and much happier memories. For when the day passes, what good is it do enter a somber sleep while harboring thoughts and musings with considerable pain and anguish? Let us seize the day while things are still ripe. Let us imbibe the essence of fragrant berries and feel alive once more. Let us just be humans who are living like today is the end of the world.

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A Tribute of Thanks and Finding Forgiveness

I would like to thank the following few folks for keeping me from doing something stupid or kicking the bucket. You all may have done something small, but to me… It means a whole lot. It’s good to know that help is not far with you all around to give me an inspiring set of words or just a simple “Are you ok?” This one goes out to all of you all who just kept messaging me and trying to keep me sane and from picking myself apart.

Bonny, you have my thanks for hearing me out and having me hang out with Hai and the gang. It helped me end things on a good note, so I am very grateful for the reality check.

Linda, thanks for all the consoling on the last few days. It means a lot to me when you shoot a simple message just to make sure that I am alright.

Merinda, thanks for shooting me inspiring messages all day to keep me going. It made surviving work a little easier.

Amanda, thanks for at least letting me know that I should need not worry about myself. I know you have mentioned that I should be seeking my own merits rather than fracturing them.

She, my thanks for shooting a message to make sure I am ok. Hopefully, you got my message about what all happened.

Rei, thanks for the phone call… It was probably like the IV line I needed that was full of reason. I know I have been tearing myself to shreds but the reason made it all hit home.

Cousin Sol, you sir… you went above and beyond. Your urgency to my situation was like that of a combat medic. Thanks for being there for me and hearing me out on my phone call.

Desiree, you have my appreciation for checking to make sure I was alright.

Jan, even though you’re my assistant manager… You’re like a mother and a close friend to me. Thank you for your encouraging words, they mean the most to me.

Lastly… Twitch, thanks for your insight on things and giving me advice that was almost like the quelling dose of IV Dilaudid. It wasn’t quite what I hoped for, but in the end, it was like the best course of therapy.

From the 9 folks of the above… They all had one theme in common in their kind advice:

Forgive yourself, because above all things… you’re human.

I realize I have forsaken myself many times all because I couldn’t realize that I had my own merits. All I can do is be driven by my own hopes and dreams in search of strength. I need to fuel myself harder on tearing more new adipose tissue. I will have to fight hard with Commerce on the way to get my degree. The most important quest of all is to realize myself, my potential, and that I am ultimately a good person.

The most important pearl of advice is from Merinda:

Never lose your dreams and honor, that’s what separates you from others in this world.

Late night filler post… An Apology

My loyal readers… I am sorry for lacking the great content on the site lately. I have been in a rather poor state of health and it’s been hindering my ability to generate articles for the site. My mind has been wracked with trying to find dealers for my roadster’s parts to do the 60,000 mile maintenance, FAFSA troubles and their need for my family’s income, and work related burn-out. I know for a fact that I will hopefully do 60,000 mile service soon… After that… I will be taking a journey back to Commerce to do finalized logistics and status about my housing application.

I have my IV course coming April and ending late May. Hopefully, it will not be too late to apply to a hospital and go hardcore there and shift my cubicle work into 16 – 20 hours part time. My rationale is to go absolutely fucking nuts with 40+ hours at the hospital to rake up cash, save it off and use my cubicle pay to just pay essentials. I rather miss working with injectable medicine, but when you’re bum out of luck… any job is a blessing. The hospital work could also help me repay family at a vastly high pace to get me out of debt with them, something I could really use… Or hell… a few months of paid car insurance or car notes!

In my personal life, there is one plan I have… Just I need a rather large capital to fund one part of it. I hope I can go through with part one… because if I can, it may just ease my heart. I know that after the 60,000 mile maintenance, expect some posts about me loading up on supplement powders and a very welcomed return to my fitness logs. I may try to track my progress a little more scientifically as well as add in more precise details for those who want to replicate my results. This piece is one I know I need to get done, because it means the most to me. I would like to be in shape again and even better than my supposed prime from back when I was 19.

Expect the following to come…

  • Picture post of Devil’s 60,000 mile maintenance procedure
  • R4DS Card purchase for my DS and a review (potential)
  • Going on a much deserved vacation, hopefully in the works
  • Return of my fitness posts with supercharged addition of power supplements

Keep your RSS readers updated and watch for the new content! Thanks to you all who have been supportive of me in my time of sickness.

Thank You Everyone for Your Support!

When I launched ZeroXR 13mg, I did not expect it to grow much. I figured that it’d just be a work space for me to just develop my work. After having my application to a tech blog get rejected from lack of a writer’s resume, I wanted to get some quality work generated on here. Amazingly enough, just from linking a few of my friends… I seem to have traffic coming in from friends who have returned me the favor of linking back to me. This has actually gotten me RSS subscribers as well as regular readers!

I have loved the feedback I have gotten from my friends, cousin Sol, and the members of Ubuntu Dallas. Casual readers who have stumbled on my site from me dropping a link, your comments have been inspiring as well. My personal posts seem to have inspired some of you who have wanted a pearl of advice. That is probably the thing that makes me smile knowing that I have helped you find guidance in your own lives.

As for the site, I just need some help in designing a logo for the site, a business card logo, and a business card design. If there’s anyone good with CSS that can design a slick looking header for my WordPress, feel free to let me know. Anyone who’s available to help me do some logo design would be great!

I am in debt to the readers of my site, keep me inspired! I am looking forward to this year already!

LifeHack Exercise: 4 Facets of Prosperity

On my RSS feeds this morning, I saw this really good post on LifeHack called “20 Questions to Help You Reflect the Past Year“. It looks more like an exercise on evaluating on how things went in the last year as well as gauge possible things that could be improved upon. I want to put out my thoughts on the past year and possibly leave my life open to readers who wish to add their thoughts and input to the mix.

Material prosperity

  • Did you achieve your desired net worth?

No, I was unable to attain my net worth due to repayment of my debts as well as resolving my financial standing.

  • Did you achieve your desired income level?

No, but my employer has their tiered income level system that I am subject to and I do not have additional certifications to merit me a higher income.

  • Have you built the habit of being able to spend less than you earn?

Slowly, but surely… The only thing hindering my ability to save money has been my family turning into loan sharks rather than a “bank” by demanding a higher repayment rate. I typically end with $100 – $200 left after each month from this, so the ability to grow is hindered. I have been scouring “second chance” deals or Craigslist for any technology items should the “desire” to spend pang away at me.

  • Have you been able to eliminate debt?

As far as debts go, most of it is gone. If you count the last 2 debts I am paying out of pocket for, my parent’s loan, and my car note together, my negative equity would be about $13,000. I plan to resolve most of this for the next 5 – 6 months by sacrificing school to increase repayment to my parents while steadily paying off my other obligations.

  • Have you built the habit of saving?

Saving has been much better towards the end of this year, save for the hindrance of my loan sharks. I can say that it is nice to see $100 – $200 at the end of the month instead of $0 by the end. Hopefully with increasing my work load for the next term I can hold a nest egg for once in my life.

  • Has your career progressed as you wanted to?

l have actually taken a course I never expected to in my career: ascension to a leader. With my seniors gone to their own paths, I had big shoes to fill. I had learned to step up to my actions and take accountability for the results of my actions. I tried to groom one subordinate into a skilled partner for me, but that ended in failure from their lack of aptitude, poor maturity, and lacking desire to be accountable for their actions. One of my new subordinates, their growth is not progressing, but stagnating even with all the push for learning that I have tried to emphasize. The second of my subordinates, they are progressing very well and may possibly be my successor if my wild gamble pays off by June. I never expected to have to take the reins and help assist my superiors, but their guidance has really helped me polish up how I stand in my career.

  • Have you reduced your spending on some unnecessary expenses?

Actually, I have done well in this sector. On moving back home, I have learned the value of a home cooked or hand made meal as eating out really did some damage on me financially. Especially when a simple thing like a burger combo at a fast food joint cost $5 – $6 average versus a hand made sandwich or lunch ran a marginal $1 – $2. Bargain shopping for tech items has considerably saved me from spending much more than I desired. Even bigger savings were found when I would research potential items I wished to purchase only to find the thoughts of other users dissuaded me from dropping lost cash.

Spiritual Prosperity

  • Have you found your life mission?

As far as my “mission” in life, it is to be a healer of others and to repay the world for giving me a second chance to live. My profession has given me small chances to impact the lives of others and that has only encouraged me to chase that mission until the end. I have been thankful for being able help render aid to others in my own way at the office and I hope to ascend higher for much more responsibility.

  • Do you feel fulfilled?

Fulfillment is still a distant journey for me. After taking a journey into the bowels of Hell while being cast out of Heaven… I know the extremes of being pure and being a sinner. After that powerful journey, I realized that being a devil or angel was not for me… but I needed to refine myself as human being before I can say that I am ready to ascend to the ideals of an angel. I am honored by people saying that I have polished out into a saint, but I can’t accept that until I am fully able to live up to that title. Until then, I will try to seek fulfillment of myself until I can understand my own humanity.

  • Could you honestly say that you are happy?

That’s a question that is hard to pen down in stone. With the burden of debt and being known as the black sheep of the family, it really puts a barrier to the limits of my happiness. I know that things are turning around for me in my life, but it is the physical and material that seem to bar me from true happiness. I have been confiding in dear friends for guidance and that has softened the pain that it is not as intense anymore. Learning happiness is one value that I know I need to work on for the up-coming year.

  • Have you built the necessary habits for spiritual growth?

Meditation is something I have learned to combine into my life with things like listening to music, shaving or working out. From my meditations, I have learned a little more about myself and what I need to polish up to complete myself as a human. I should do some more dedicated meditation with music as it ends up being rather therapeutic and usually inspires great thought.

Physical Prosperity

  • Have you built the habit of exercising?

Since December 10th, I got a gym membership to the community run gym in my city and I have been working to tone up myself. I had very little chance this year to step up my physical training this year, but my hope is that this will help me better my health as well as myself.

  • Have you built the habit of consuming nutritious food?

I have changed my diet since moving back home with my parents. My metabolism has regained its speed again with a clean diet of home made meals that are low in preservatives and processed fats. With trying to better my financial status, I have minimized take-out or fast food meals to only social hang-outs only.

  • Have you had good rest?

This is one facet I am lacking on. I have been doing battle with insomnia and well, I just can’t seem to win. I am just too panicked on my finances and as well as the state of my office being a potential damage radius zone from one of my poorly performing subordinates taxing my great partner’s patience. I do need to relax and forget the world on my off days… I will probably be looking to trying to sleep more and not beat myself so hard on working out that it taxes my sleep.

  • Do you feel physically fit doing your daily work?

With as much running and dashing I do at the office just to make sure everything is done, I believe I am in fit shape. My mind, however is probably taxed to hell with the constant concerns racing through it ever day. Once I shut out my mind, I am sure everything will unlock itself and be well again.

Social Prosperity

  • Has your relationship with your spouse/girlfriend been as good as you wanted?

To be honest, when the ex broke things off… I was disappointed as I was never given a “fair” chance to try resolving things. Sometimes failure only means a battle has only begun. I can’t always win, but I have finally found what I wanted in a person. Hopefully my expectations will take my future relationships to a direction that I would like to progress to.

  • Has your relationship with your family been as good as you wanted?

This part is one that is really odd. Ever since the loan to get me out of debt… my relationship with family has become one more of business rather than family. We speak less and less like members of a family unit and more like a loan shark hassling me for repayment. My sister Alice, her opinion is hazy on me. Some days she sees me as “the enemy” antagonizing her to keep up her prodigal work. Then there are the days where she sees me as one of the infantry with her on the battlefield. My cousin Sol, we have been bonding closely as comrades in arms. He is basically living an “alternate reality” of my life and it freaks me out, really. He’s been the one family member I have come to rely on greatly as a confidant on family related issues.

  • Has your relationship with your friends been as good as you wanted?

Friends, I had another thinning of who are my true friends versus who were acquaintances after the break-up. I learned the true value of friendship and learned who to separate out of my life. I have been trying to develop better relationships with my friends so that I can be a better friend to them. As far as I know, things seem to be going well.

  • Did you make a lot of new friends?

From the Ubuntu Linux folks in Dallas, I made friends with them from being the former assistant leader to the group. This led me to making quite a few friends with other groups. One of the ex’s friend-of-a-friend’s really stood out as a very classy, stand-up woman and I was glad to have met her. To her, I would like to express my thanks to you for being there for me when I though I was insane. It is something that cannot be valued with a price because it is simply that valuable to me. My new found friends have become a strong support net to hold me up when I fell and I am very thankful for them.

  • Did you get to know people from more diverse backgrounds?

Mainly from my elderly clients and listening to the experiences they faced. I have found some of my friends to be saints with regard to what they fought. It has opened my mind that life can be intensely complex but at the same time… we all struggle with our demons.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

With a hellish year like 2007, it’s hard to turn around and be happy on “the most wonderful time of the year.” I realize that it wasn’t all bad, but most of it was pain and writhing. I would not find solace until the end of this year. My debts finally coming to an end. Family relations are not much better, unfortunately. Some claim that when we are born into the world, we are born cold, miserable and frustrated. I can see how that idea could come to mind with what I have learned with Buddhism: “All life is suffering”.

In my city, the temperatures keep dropping or rising… Rather than the “traditional” image of a northern Christmas with snow and cold temperatures, it’s just cold days dropping to the 40’s or warm days rising to the high 60’s. It is a pain, but I am not a deity with any gift of meteorological control. I just would like for a “consistent” winter, not this odd fluctuation. Like today and tomorrow are supposed to be somewhere close to the 70’s but somehow Saturday is going to be close to 40’s and 50’s with miserable rain.

My hopes of a great Christmas got quickly damped by 2 surprise expenses that hit me out of the blue… but I can manage until recovery. Most of my loved ones know about my issue and understand. Then there was a personal issue that bothered me until I came to a self realization. Exam results I have not checked due to fear and loathing in addition to pressing issues at my office being more of a priority at the moment. The office has been chaos, but I hope with the new year that there will be positive change.

I have learned to be thankful for the mixed blessings I have and to be thankful for my supporters no matter where they are. My thanks for being there for me in my time of darkness, because without you all… I don’t think I’d be able to get up and fight once more.