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Food Log – Dinner and Snack

Family wanted me to sit and eat with them, so I had obliged. They had rice and fried tofu so I just had a bowl of rice and 2 pieces of fried tofu. Right now… I am just snacking on a banana and another cheese stick to mellow out and try to relax. Maybe it is time to amp up the caloric intake to help the repairing muscles. It would seem that it’s time to consider caloric burn deficits into the big picture.

Small bowl of rice (8oz) and 2 pieces of fried tofu – 450 calories (most being carbs which is good!)

Banana – 120 calories
Monterey jack string cheese – 110 calories

Grand Total: 2,120 calories

Food Log – 3/22/2008; Lamentations of Torn Muscle Healing

Today was rather a blur from the fact that I had to work through the pains of my recovering muscle. I have eaten rather well so I have no regrets. I would take my bosses advice and buy the true 100% whole wheat bread for sandwiches, some swiss cheese, packs of light albacore tuna for making lunches. I also bought some cheese sticks to pack as snacks in the case I get hungry and just need a light boost. Breakfast, I did a stack of my chocolate flavored whey protein and Crea-Tech Extreme. Lunch was 2 tuna & swiss sandwiches and a cheese stick. So far I am good, but I may need to tweak my caloric count up to compensate for my muscles healing as eating too low may defeat my gains. If any of you out there read and have ideas, please feel free to advise me. I am thinking of making 1,750 – 2,000 my minimal due to the fact that 1,500 feels like I am running on fumes of food…

Whey protein and L-Glutamine in Silk Soy milk (16oz) – 400 calories, 36 grams of protein
Crea-Tech Extreme, 1/2 portion maintenance dose – 150 calories,  5 grams of creatine monohydrate

Two whole wheat (100%), light tuna sandwiches with swiss cheese – 680 calories and 45.5 grams of protein
Monterey jack string cheese stick – 110 calories

Grand Total (before dinner) – 1,340 calories and 81.5 grams of protein

Dinner Log – 3/21/2007

Ended up going out on the town to walk and all with a friend. I could feel the muscles on my legs being torn and trying to heal. Once dinner rolled around, I could hear both my stomach and muscles going “Food! NOW!” Went to Blue Mesa out in Dallas and for once actually ate modestly. Rather than getting a huge plate of food… I got the sampler dish and it had a nibble of 3 selections. I stayed off mixed drinks and alcohol tonight so a major win there!

Blue Mesa dinner – 900 Calories (rough estimate)

I have been hydrating constantly with water from the Crea-Tech Extreme drying my out from feeding my muscles water and nutrients… I also forgot to account for a slight deficit from work-out caloric burn, so I may be under nourishing myself. I am having a snack now to replenish the lost electrolytes and boost me up on nutrients.

Banana – 120 calories

Grand Total: 1,720 calories

Food Diary – 3/20/2008

So today was interesting… but it definitely has me double checking my choices now. I brought my protein and L-Glutamine shake with me and basically consumed it when the cubical dynamics slowed down enough. During my “lunch” break, I felt a pang of hunger hit me and decided to get some of the baked and breaded chicken strips combo for a boost of energy. It wouldn’t be until the activity in the office slowed down enough that I could do some research into the “damage” the chicken strips basically caused. My boss, Rich, oversaw and basically said “Holy cow, dude! You’re seriously trying to slim and gain muscle?! I am impressed that you’re researching almost everything you eat!” He then just had an idea to pick up some bread, lean tuna and some deli style swiss cheese slices. From that he ended up just inviting me to make a sandwich with him and we talked seriously on diet. He had given me some great advice on what I need to do for nutritional sake. I just need to be more cautious with what I take in and watch out for trappings that could throw me over my projected caloric intake. Here’s the statistical information for those curious to my intake today.

Whey protein and L-Glutamine shake (16oz) – 400 calories, 36 grams of protein

Office Lunch
5 baked and breaded chicken strips – 500 calories (BAD!)
Sierra Mist (8oz) -100 calories

Quick Dinner
Whole, stone ground wheat bread, tuna, and swiss cheese sandwich – 340 calories

Grand Total: 1,340 calories

Quick Gut-Buster Session

This was more to make-up as an off day for not hitting up the gym… It’s a relatively short set, but I plan to build up more on it tonight after work. After this I will be making my 16oz dose of my protein and L-Glutamine shake to take now and during work. I may dose up on my Clif Builder Bar as a snack. If the pang of serious hunger hits, I may see about hitting the cafe close to the office for a sandwich or something. I will be data logging my eating today and hopefully I should be fine until I get home.

Blitz Set – 4 sets, no break
20 Crunches
20 Bicycle crunches
20 Cross crunches
20 Double-cross crunches

Food Log – Snack and Dinner for 3/19/2008

Well, work was interesting as my appetite was hit or miss. My assistant manager was trying to get me laughing as well as my partner to have an appetite and rejoin them… just I couldn’t regain my sense of appetite. So I would take my second dose of protein and L-Glutamine to patch up my torn ab muscles. My partner would offer to buy me a drink to reamp me and get my snappy again so she picked up a Sugarfree RedBull energy drink and offer that to me.

“Lunch”: Soy milk protein shake with L-Glutamine, 8oz dose – 200 calories, 18 grams of protein

Reamp: Sugarfree RedBull – 10 calories

Later in the day, my buddy who was in town from spring break at his med school wanted me to come over to catch up and try to do some repairs on his parents computers. He offered to catch lunch for me taking time out of my day to assist. Ended up eating at Braum’s for my “cheat” due to loss of appetite earlier today, so I can say it’s fair to say I didn’t kill my intake restrictions. Braum’s unfortunately does not have any nutritional facts posted, so I am using approximate calculations from CalorieKing and rough estimates based on the McDonald’s posted nutritional facts.

Dinner(Disclaimer: Some of these are ROUGH calculations, take them as you will – Zero)
Braum’s Jalapeno Chedder Jack Cheese Burger – 877 calories
Medium crinkle cut fries – 240 calories
Medium 16oz Coke – 150 calories

Total count is just a wee bit close, but it does show that even my “cheat” days can be a little fun while not veering off of my target goal of 1,500 – 1,700 calories per day. True, my caloric count isn’t as hardcore as some others, but it does keep me from getting bored and desiring foods that would wreck havoc on my work out.

Grand Total: 1,677 calories

Excelsior Times with my Cousin Sol

So my cousin Sol has been back in town since a few weeks ago and it has been great to see him. We have had fun when we have met and that is a great thing. This Thursday I had taken him out to Krystal’s out in Carrollton to devour quite the smorgasbord of food. To anyone curious, here was our list of destruction:

  • 18 Krystal Chik’s, plain and dry
  • Krystal Sackful Combo
    • 12 Cheese Krystal burgers
    • 2 Medium Fries
    • 2 Medium Drinks
  • 4 Chili Cheese Pups
  • 4 Corn Pups

The introduction was funny as hell… but as soon as we were getting full, the momentum began to slow. The funny stuff would happen towards the end as we would begin to reflect more on the little things from our childhood as kids. Eventually it would lead to us packing up and calling it a day.

I know that throughout the day, we had discussed about the troubling times in his life and how it somewhat parallels my life. It’s a pile of crap to deal with, but for him, it has lead to him lacking a car. I know that’s one of his main wishes, the ability to drive his own car and finally get self reliance rather than asking for the assistance of others. I am praying for him, because of all the people who deserve a wish, he’s probably the one who could use a car the most right now.

To end this on a happier note, I’d like to link to pictures of the carnage from this Thursday. Enjoy!