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Snow in Dallas, Part Deux?!

Look at this! This was from this morning off of my Gnome weather applet and look at that mass of snow and freezing rain in white and purple… I think I should not put it past my doubts that snow could hit by the time I get out of the office late. All I can say is, good grief.

So… Dallas Froze Over. Whodda Thunkit?

So I was bored and decided to go into the local mass retailer to poke about and look at stuff… I ended up staying longer than I expected and walked into this…

Behold! Snow Flurries!

But I would go to my car and see this…

Yeah, it snowed in Dallas alright… and to think I doubted the chances… Who’d have thought… To my people in Dallas/Fort Worth, if you can… stay the fuck inside and avoid the idiot drivers on the roads. If you have to step out… bundle and glove up. Drink hot tea or coffee to keep warm.