A Prayer for my Partner in Her Time of Trials

My partner at the office has had one hell of a crappy run of luck. From a rocky divorce to boyfriend issues, having to find a new home, possibly trying to get a second job to supplement income, and then today… She totaled out her car in an accident. She’s had one hell of a rough time. My assistant manager called seeking me to render her aid as my partner was simply unable to come in to do her shift today. Of course, I bolt out of bed like a secret agent after grooming myself to an acceptable manner to strap into my roadster and make it in as quick as I can.

After tagging in on the time clock… I was plugging away at my tasks while trying to hold the fort down. My assistant manager would ask me to at least call my partner to reassure her that my arrival would mean I could attempt to stabilize things until she could make it in. She would regretfully say that she had no means of transportation which was bad news… The office was under an hour lock-down for all employees and overtime was not permitted to anyone. I knew my time was going to be abruptly short, but I did not know how badly. I found that I was already at 34 hours for the week and coming in at 10:30am would mean I would have to bounce out at 4:30pm while leaving my assistant manager to fend for herself on the final stretch for 1.5 hours. I felt horrid that I couldn’t get anything done effectively as the strain of being short-handed on inventory from my other subordinate failing to order proper supply levels basically stranded us while being bombarded with work from clients all day. The worst was just the thought of leaving my assistant manager by herself, because I have never done that in all the years I have worked with the office… It is not like me to leave my leader to fight alone, because I am one to defend them.

I would like to throw this post up as a prayer for my partner that things will get better. They may take time, but I know that good things will happen along the way and that should hopefully put things towards a better path. Sometimes the path of darkness leads us to a brilliant light, but we cannot be afraid to ask for the help of others. I know that both my superiors are praying for her and I am praying for her as well. Hopefully, someone out there will be merciful on her and bring her a blessing that would be much appreciated right now. To my partner, may God give you grace in a time of trial… because when He can give you strength, you shall be able to overcome your struggles and make it out!

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