Oni-Con 2009 Report Coming Soon

I am still “jet lagged” from the convention insanity of Oni-Con… I confess that getting into an academic mood is one Hell of a feat when you had one smashing time of a weekend! Be ready for some sarcasm and snarky remarks as well as an enthusiastic look from a casual “animu” fan. Any laughs and comments that stem from the post will be well loved, as a lot of heart and soul went into my report. I regret the Marriott Westchase didn’t have any free wifi of sorts and $13/day for 512/512 speeds is bunk! I add in lamentation that lacking a digital SLR was a bit depressing as I would have killed for high resolution pictures, but maybe one day… Once images and report clean up is complete, expect an update here soon!

For you loyal readers, you may be in for a treat!

For my new readers, I extend a warm welcome to my haven!

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