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A New Home and A New Haven

My friend Merinda hooked me up with a discount to Dreamhost to begin my professional musings and maybe some personal works. I thank her for her kindness and hope that my viewers will grow with time.

As for me, I would like to say a friendly hello to any potential viewers stopping by to see my site. I plan to focus serious articles on things like technology reviews to be on Linux distros, video games, mobile phones. Every now and then, there may be a personal post or rant from my life and even goof off a bit. This site will also be home to my “logs” of the day for things like my “fitness diary” or any sort of trials (i.e. 1 month with random tech item, etc).

For newcomers of my blog… Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Zero and I am just an enthusiast about life, technology, cars, and open source software. My passions are games, medicine, driving, computer & electronic modifications, and wine tasting. I am quite approachable and kind to all walks of life as experiences can open up the mind. I am a very passionate individual who seeks to learn as much as I can by immersion. For the curious, here’s what my “gear” as of today is comprised of…

  • Dell XPS m140 laptop – powered by Ubuntu Linux
  • Smartphone: Sony Ericsson P990i with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (World Edition, unlocked)
  • Beater Phone: Sony Ericsson W300i (AT&T branded but unlocked)
  • Sony PSP Slim (PSP-2001) in Piano Black with a 512mb Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • Nintendo DS lite in Onyx

I have decided to host privately due to the restrictive nature of Vox imposing on the freedoms of my friends and I feel this would hinder the growth of the blog to the general public. Unfortunately, WordPress developers have not yet found a way to import posts from Vox over… With over 100 entries, that could be tedious to do by hand. Until a solution can be found, I will just hot-link any curious readers to my previous blog: My Old Home

Feel free to drop a line and say hello if you wish!