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What’s to Come for This Week…

Let’s see…

I will have my picture post of my misadventures with Sol to the new Saigon Mall out in Garland. I will evaluate my adventurings in the World of Warcraft, the only issue now is the final patching and choosing of classes. From there… I have a few things that I have to see that may be potentially fruitful for good things to come from them all. Potentially a busy week indeed!

I bid you all good night and good tidings! Tomorrow is the beginning of a new work week and even payweek as well! The long shot to Friday begins!

Week’s Agenda

This week will be a fairly busy one…

Fitness – I will be ramping up my workout as the sorrow that had burdened me finally has been lifted. I need to bulk up more adipose tissue on my weaker bits and push to excel. Expect some super intense changes.

Technology Reviews – I will be picking up my BlueAnt Z9 and hopefully arrange for a model, photographer, and possibly dinner compensation to do my shoot-out review of the Jawbone vs the Z9. After the review goes live… The contest for the “losing” headset goes live!

Game Reviews – I need to fucking finish Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core so I can post my thoughts on it. Patapon, I am struggling with the rain dance beat.

Personal – I need to write an IDP for myself and post it here to “review” my performance as a human being. I should also try to clean up my office as well, cause I am piled up in mail.

This week will dawn a new era for Zero at the offices of ZeroXR 13mg… I just gotta find a way to survive weekend shift cubicle warfare at the office from 10:30am – 6pm to hopefully arrive at Bonny’s home and help her with her project. All I can do is carpe diem and power through!

A Boring but Possibly Productive Weekend

Well… with most of my plans in shambles, it gives me time to try to get some important things done for the site and as well as generate fresh new content. Here’s a run-down of what all is to come possibly with the following days and even into next month:

  • My book review of Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson
  • My evaluation of Puppy Linux 3.01 – Seamonkey
  • (Possible) Evaluation of Damn Small Linux
  • Introspective on the semantics of “best friends”
  • Notes and “diary” of doing a charity laptop project (Negotiations in the works)
  • Devil’s Physical: The 60,000 Mile Maintenance Event
  • Picking up a Callpod Dragon Extreme Bluetooth headset to evaluate and review
  • Funny adventures with my cousin Sol’s return to Dallas for Spring Break
  • Tips for the poor college student avoiding debt
  • The return of my retuned workout logs

It looks like a lot, but that should be my next set of things to post, rant, vent, and discuss until I get my hands on the consumer release of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 communicator. Apparently some sources strewn about the web from XDA Developers’ forums have made claim that the processor for the XPERIA X1 is a Qualcomm MSM7200a with a smaller die print and powered at 525mhz. The small footprint means potentially a power efficient processor, but higher power means it’ll be able to really show off. There are rumors about Windows Mobile 6.5 being debuted when the X1 hits retail shelves and possibly HTC releasing their ODM version of the X1 branded with their own name… It’s a damn shame that the device won’t come out sooner, because I’d love to really have some fun with a new phone.