Week’s Agenda

This week will be a fairly busy one…

Fitness – I will be ramping up my workout as the sorrow that had burdened me finally has been lifted. I need to bulk up more adipose tissue on my weaker bits and push to excel. Expect some super intense changes.

Technology Reviews – I will be picking up my BlueAnt Z9 and hopefully arrange for a model, photographer, and possibly dinner compensation to do my shoot-out review of the Jawbone vs the Z9. After the review goes live… The contest for the “losing” headset goes live!

Game Reviews – I need to fucking finish Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core so I can post my thoughts on it. Patapon, I am struggling with the rain dance beat.

Personal – I need to write an IDP for myself and post it here to “review” my performance as a human being. I should also try to clean up my office as well, cause I am piled up in mail.

This week will dawn a new era for Zero at the offices of ZeroXR 13mg… I just gotta find a way to survive weekend shift cubicle warfare at the office from 10:30am – 6pm to hopefully arrive at Bonny’s home and help her with her project. All I can do is carpe diem and power through!

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