Lament of Summer

So the Texas summers are finally here and they are here with a vengeance. The days open up with an 83F morning and quickly rise to a 95+F afternoon (heat index of 105F) and then ending at 90F. The days almost feel lethargic and torturous. I know friends like Noirsword hate the idea of even travelling just to hang out in the afternoon.

Texas A&M Commerce thankfully fixed my financial aid this past Thursday. It was one of those “About $@#%+&!%# time!” moments in my life cause they have been working on my case since April. I know for the longest time I feared the expense of school, so being able to rest easy and sleep without worry is a huge load off my shoulders.

Summer classes will be upon me soon. It’s more remedial math to unblock my prerequisites. I pray I will get a good instructor unlike the stunt I pulled in spring semester of learning the entire semester in a 4 day cram-a-thon. I may see about more self study on calculus should I comprehend trigonometry.

Gaming has been a bit sad… A few members of The Order of Corrupted Souls are on vacation via real life or in other games like Guild Wars, Aion, City of Heroes/Villians, or NeoSteam. The few of us still gather in the Vent server to chat and socialize, so it’s all fun here.

I hope you readers are having plenty of fun out there and possibly in temperatures cooler than the Dallas area!

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