A Fun Phone to Remix Zero – Apple iPhone 3GS

So some of you who keep up with this blog knew I was mulling over either the iPhone 3G versus the 3GS models. The more and more the wiser tech geek spoke out… The 3G is the “bare bones” model now and I still remember what happened to me when I bought the first generation Mac Mini and cheaped out. I was left miserable and bitter as support kept vanishing and vanishing for my product and it basically became a glorified paperweight.

So I decided to phone around during the pharmacy “lunch” period and see if any shops had them… Wal-Mart was probably the worst cause some of the reps were shady and sounded like they were trying to hoard the phones or they were sick of the “Do you have the iPhone 3GS in stock?” calls. I decided to give an odd long shot to Best Buy. Sure enough… I got a lead… 8 of the black 32GB and 5 of the black 16GB iPhone 3GS models remained. I made haste and went to wait…

The waiting game wasn’t bad as I expected… The worst part was probably the credit check and paper work. It was a bit tedious and boring… All went well until the submission of my stuff ran into a computer glitch. As the sales rep put it best “I’ve never see it do THIS before…” so time was whittling away… It was bad as the rep was afraid the system may have glitched and set me up with 2 separate contracts. Thankfully everything resolved itself and then came down to deciding the phones. By the time I got done with “check-in” There were only the 32GB iPhone 3GS models left. I figured to just go for gold and get the best of the lot because of the fact that I worked hard for my spoils and I should enjoy the small victories.

The 3GS is the phone that the iPhone should have been at the get-go. The “speed” that the [S] portion of the iPhone 3GS name definitely is well merited. The other features like the 3 megapixel camera with auto focus/adjustment is a trip down memory lane for me and my old Sony Ericsson P990i. The compass, oleophobic screen, and the 3.0 software update are things that make it a joy to use…

My only gripe at the moment would probably have to be AT&T corporate’s attitude with roll-outs. MMS is not due to hit until summer’s end. Then there’s the staunch “We can charge whatever we want” attitude that AT&T has been pushing that isn’t helping their case. The dramatic irony gets worse as you have people with in the ranks that also do not like the pricing and wonder what’s stopping Apple from taking their killer phone from AT&T’s clutches.

The inner audiophile in me will say that if you do want to make the most of your headphone listening pleasure… Do not use the stock iPhone headphones. If you use Bluetooth stereo headphones, then you could probably use the Jaybird JB-200 or the Motorola S9-HD. If you like cords, I would say the Skullcandy Full Metal Jackets are great as a budget pick, especially if you can get the iPhone/Blackberry model ones with the in-line microphone.

Give me a week or so and I can give you my comprehensive thoughts on my new device.

I will say that to go from a long line of business phones to now a fun phone… it’s quite a change and I think I could get use to it!

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