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So… T-Mobile has said that my account still has an full discount upgrade available on my account. This actually has me conflicted on what to do with it. “Why?” is probably the next question. Well, I’ll explain…

I will admit, I am a technology freak. If some of you have seen my article “A Phone Hacker’s Memories Revisited”, you’ll notice that I have gone through 12 phones before my now-beloved Blackberry Curve 8310. I just simply like tinkering with phones until I get bored with them. I have fallen in love with Blackberry just from the professional stability. There’s simply no substitute for the level of a device that just works and encased in a pretty shell that is undeniably fashionable yet functional. When I heard that the Blackberry Bold 9000 series hit, a form of “techno-lust” consumed me. The beauty of the Bold’s physical shell was downright HOT! For me, it wasn’t like the scantily clad chick that everyone was gawking at but lacked a brain (think iPhone)… However, it was like the cute and quiet girl that works at the library that when you talk with her, you find that her interests are geeky things like running her own web server. I thought long and hard on maybe getting an unlocked Bold, but then on remembering that the US version didn’t have AWS compatibility to T-Mobile’s 3G… I just had to let go.

Then when the news articles started pouring in saying stuff like the new Blackberry Curve 2 was coming out and a Blackberry Storm variant was hitting T-Mobile… I just held my breath. When T-Mobile had the Blackberry “Kickstart”/Pearl Flip 8220 hit, initially I didn’t like it. However with time, I sort-of grew fond of it. I mean, it’s got a rather small and svelte form to it. Most of the functionality is there, save for true GPS. I just don’t know if I could use the vertical screen real estate as a full-time thing.

Then when TmoNews got word finally that the Blackberry Curve 8900 series was due to hit America on a confirmed date of 2/11/09… My lust for a QWERTY equipped, wide screen wielding Blackberry hit me again with a sucker punch to my face. The speculated pricing is right at $200 with a 2 year contract as well. This would basically be a great change from my current Blackberry Curve 8310 ’cause it has both wi-fi and GPS. I say the addition of the wi-fi would be great as I could use my home’s wi-fi should I need to check stuff from my Blackberry in the comfort of my bed rather than have to wait on the EDGE coverage to do that for me.

This leads me into my various options…

  1. Get the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220, suck it up about the love of a wide screen and pass my Curve 8310 to my cousin.
  2. Blow my upgrade, pass my cousin the Pearl Flip 8220
  3. Get the Blackberry Curve 8900 and pass my cousin my Curve 8310
  • Extra: Should boredom strike, pick up a used Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 for cheap from a local off of craigslist to use as my “beater” or fashion phone.

The big reason I am passing a phone to my cousin is because he’s still got the “contract phone” he got off a T-Mobile/unlocked phone dealer. The phone in question is a Sony Ericsson P910i which he got back in circa 2006. His phone has been a little short-coming in battery life and even will hold up text messages until he reboots at times. I’d like to share with him the joys I have found from Blackberry as well as give him something a little more modern.

Help me out here! February 11th will soon be upon me and I know I will be compelled to make a decision then!

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