Ode to Blackberry

Research in Motion, who’d have thought I misunderstood your devices… The most time initially I had ever spent on a Blackberry device was, at most, 20 minutes. After spending almost 48 hours with my own Blackberry Curve 8310, I now understand why the corporate types love them. They are rock solid. They are logical and tactile. They are very work/business focused. It’s no wonder that people go absolutely love them after the slight learning curve. I mean to have a device and not have it crash when it’s your alarm clock is absolutely beautiful.

For those wondering what I got… It’s a Blackberry Curve 8310 (GPS model) and I just got the USB sync/charger cable and the sleeve for it.

Sure, the caveats are things like you have to get a Blackberry Internet Service plan to really enjoy things like mobile web, Blackberry Messenger, Facebook Mobile, AES encrypted e-mail transactions, etc. Even minor things like for MMS, you need net plan too. However, for the majority of things the device offers… I could tolerate looking into a Blackberry net plan. Hell, I may consider it highly considering how much I am now tied down to my e-mail with either light fan e-mail or some insider news.

I will end this post with my humorous “remix” to the “club tune” of yesteryear, Crime Mob’s song “White Tee”

Fuck an iPhone, I look clean with my Blackberry” – Zero

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