A Very Tight Noose…

It’s funny when you factor in the latest paycheck and then take in to respect that the last 2 paychecks have almost been suffocating you when you put into perspective that you may have spent a little too much on going out to eat rather than bucking up to just packing lunch. I know that I have had personal problems basically bother me to death, so I need to keep watch on my spending this round or waiting for my next check will be like a halo choking me. I may hold off on some nice bluetooth stereo headphones for the gym until next check… Hopefully then I can nab it and resume banging out to tunes and being able to catch calls while lifting weights.

One thought on “A Very Tight Noose…”

  1. Based on your "What is Zero doing?" thing you decided not to limit your spending. =p While the 2 items may not be the same thing it's still something that is not "necessary to survive". (You know I gotta harass you.)

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