Food Log – Office lunch and snack – 3/18/08

Turkey and provolone on wheat – 270 calories
Single serving potato chips – 230 calories
Monster Energy (16oz can) – 100 calories

Clif Builder Bar, chocolate cocoa crisp – 270 calories, 20 grams of protein

Total: 870 calories

Today’s Grand Total: 1,395 calories

I may just need to get a short snack just to boost up my blood sugar and make sure I’m ok. I am just a hair under my minimal so probably a light snack like a granola bar and a heaping glass of water is due. I may do some extra crunches to burn off some stress that’s been panging at me. I can’t wait to begin my Crea-Tech Xtreme regimen and watch the results progress further, a shame I need 5 straight days to really kick it off into gear from the loading dosage.

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