Standing from the Ashes

Here I am… Awake on this late night.

I stand in a shattered world of both optimism and despair.

In some ways, it’s been the greatest blessing I have gotten…
In other ways, it’s the greatest curse I have enslaved myself to.

Humanity is a double-edge sword to me.

There have been many wonderful humans who I am grateful to for their courage.
However, there are those who wish to leave me ghastly reminders of how inherently “weak” I am.
To those wonderful humans, I am indebted with my heart and soul to you all.
To the miserable flesh piles who have nothing but ignorance, I pray for the sanctity of your eternal soul.

Fate has dealt a unique hand to me.

A few tiles with both good and bad.
A decisive mind is still able to make a great hand from the odd sets of tiles.

I am content with where I am, a beggar who has the heart of a prince.

Reborn from the flames of Chaos, I live once more to complete my fate.

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