Games of the Year Picks for 2014 and My Year of Gaming

Despite the naysayers of the world… The year 2014 has been a vibrant year in video games. Continue reading Games of the Year Picks for 2014 and My Year of Gaming

The Power of Friendship – A Personal Reflection

Life is a battlefield, depending on how we handle it… We can mismanage our struggles and end up alone in battle or we can take our time and rally for help to take on battles with a balanced party. Ultimately, how we rally an army is up to us. Continue reading The Power of Friendship – A Personal Reflection

The Story of a Girl – A Love Story

I have made many friends over the past few years… Some of you have commented that me and my beloved are a perfectly matched couple. The funny thing is I had to overcome my shyness and learn to return to who I really was to find her. From that… I wish to share you a tale of how I met the most splendid person in my lifetime. As a foreword, some details have been a bit embellished for fun and some things changed for entertainment reasons. Also, there is a TL;DR (“Too long; didn’t read“) for the lazy.

Reconnecting to My Roots and Thanking My Dearest Friends

Holy hell, it’s been almost a whole year since I have written anything in this space. As an man of Asian descent, I have been trying to reconnect with my roots culturally as I have been dying to reconnect with culture.¬† As a geek, I have been making a slow return to intellectually stimulating hobbies such as Magic The Gathering and Munchkin to get my brain exercising again. With phones, I grew bored of the iOS universe and found an eventual movement to Android because the inner gadget hacker in me craved a new challenge. This phase of my life has been a rebirth of sorts as a lot of these things were sadly repressed for a while. I will confess and say it feels great to be a geek again without harassment on being proud of my intellect. As a preface, this is a dedication to all of my close, dear, and most loyal friends. Continue reading Reconnecting to My Roots and Thanking My Dearest Friends

Putting My “5oul on D!splay”

For the last while, a song from Gran Turismo 5 (which I reviewed for MTB) hit straight to the core of my heart just from the lyrical content from it. I have wanted to reflect on it a while and with finally clearing some of my work queue, I finally have a chance to put out my feelings over the song. It’s a moving song from the matter of breaking the conformity of others to keeping one’s own wishes and dreams alive. The song is titled “5oul on D!splay” by Daiki Kasho from Gran Tursimo 5’s soundtrack. Continue reading Putting My “5oul on D!splay”

The Gears of Change

The last few months have been filled with nothing but challenges… The biggest challenge being pushing for chasing one of my dreams. Normally, most would consider this highly silly. ¬†Even more so, when you, the dream chaser, are not set in your life in any form or shape at all. To chase a dream oft means to live as a pauper and this I am content with. Sometimes the life of a beggar in hopes of a dream taking off like a freight train is not about the promise of riches. More importantly, it should be to chase the patriotic American Dream: “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness”. Wealth should be a bonus to the grand chase and not the end-all-be-all. Sure, I have to cut back on lavish things in order to afford the gear and materials I need. Sure, it means I have become the type of person to critically narrow game purchases. To work towards the fruits of my labor with my comrades in arms has brought me much joy. I say bring on the joy!

Archiving My Blogging History

While I was working on a post for Mash Those Buttons… Their WordPress dashboard had a news post that Vox was going to be killed off by Six Apart by Sept 30, 2010. For me, I have a lot of memories I shared on there… I didn’t want my past to vanish and be a relic that was forever destroyed. I set up a private account on (so I don’t hose my primary blog). I am debating on putting them up for the public and possibly importing them here. For those interested, let me know and I may actually consider it.

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