Adult Realizations and Dreams Within Reach

Being an adult is a wonderful thing, but being an adult with the ability to see your dreams within a finger’s grasp… That is far better than some of the sweetest victories.

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[Kung Fu] Rank 0 Test Essay

This is a republish of my essay that I turned into the Shaolin Wuyi Institute of Texas for my rank-up test yesterday.


Topic: Why do you want to learn Shaolin kung fu and what are your goals in training?

My purpose for learning Shaolin kung fu is to mentally better myself and find spiritual peace through martial arts study.

I had missed being in a martial arts school for close to 15+ years when my high school obligations unfortunately cut into my studies. Soon afterwards college studies and adult obligations further ate into my time. During my time without martial arts, I felt like a kite in a hurricane. Trying to aspire to further my mental and spiritual development, but being knocked astray by many obstacles from my life. It wasn’t until my life stabilized in the last year that I began to look into returning to martial arts.

I had talked with a dear friend about martial arts schools and he had advised me to seek the Shaolin Wuyi Institute since the school’s values closely match my personal values and may possibly be able to put me back on my path to mentally better myself and be back on track with finding spiritual peace. That was what brought me to the school in September of 2015. Ever since I stepped in the school… I have felt welcome as a student and it is a peaceful haven for me when I stop in for class after work. I acknowledge I haven’t been in the group classes lately due to my job getting a little more hectic with the end of the year… Instructor W and his private instruction has been essential in my journey.

My goal in training is to find spiritual peace through study… I have definitely found that my mind is much more settled since I have been with the school. I find that I am able to think a little more clearly through tough situations in my professional life. I feel that with studying Shaolin kung fu, I can build upon the mental foundation I have rebuilt with my short time with the school to help rebuild my mind like a fortress to help my mind be at peace in crisis and in relaxation. If there is anything I miss most, I miss the spiritual focus that martial arts gave me and to find it again now with kung fu study… It’s something I want to rebuild upon.

葉 青龍

Games of the Year Picks for 2014 and My Year of Gaming

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The Power of Friendship – A Personal Reflection

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The Story of a Girl – A Love Story

I have made many friends over the past few years… Some of you have commented that me and my beloved are a perfectly matched couple. The funny thing is I had to overcome my shyness and learn to return to who I really was to find her. From that… I wish to share you a tale of how I met the most splendid person in my lifetime. As a foreword, some details have been a bit embellished for fun and some things changed for entertainment reasons. Also, there is a TL;DR (“Too long; didn’t read“) for the lazy.

Reconnecting to My Roots and Thanking My Dearest Friends

Holy hell, it’s been almost a whole year since I have written anything in this space. As an man of Asian descent, I have been trying to reconnect with my roots culturally as I have been dying to reconnect with culture.  As a geek, I have been making a slow return to intellectually stimulating hobbies such as Magic The Gathering and Munchkin to get my brain exercising again. With phones, I grew bored of the iOS universe and found an eventual movement to Android because the inner gadget hacker in me craved a new challenge. This phase of my life has been a rebirth of sorts as a lot of these things were sadly repressed for a while. I will confess and say it feels great to be a geek again without harassment on being proud of my intellect. As a preface, this is a dedication to all of my close, dear, and most loyal friends. Continue reading Reconnecting to My Roots and Thanking My Dearest Friends

Putting My “5oul on D!splay”

For the last while, a song from Gran Turismo 5 (which I reviewed for MTB) hit straight to the core of my heart just from the lyrical content from it. I have wanted to reflect on it a while and with finally clearing some of my work queue, I finally have a chance to put out my feelings over the song. It’s a moving song from the matter of breaking the conformity of others to keeping one’s own wishes and dreams alive. The song is titled “5oul on D!splay” by Daiki Kasho from Gran Tursimo 5’s soundtrack. Continue reading Putting My “5oul on D!splay”

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