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The Story of a Girl – A Love Story

I have made many friends over the past few years… Some of you have commented that me and my beloved are a perfectly matched couple. The funny thing is I had to overcome my shyness and learn to return to who I really was to find her. From that… I wish to share you a tale of how I met the most splendid person in my lifetime. As a foreword, some details have been a bit embellished for fun and some things changed for entertainment reasons. Also, there is a TL;DR (“Too long; didn’t read“) for the lazy.

Happy Bums

Happiness seems to go hand-in-hand with laziness. The more content you become, the more you begin to slack off. Of the late I’ve begun to sleep for longer periods of time and my naps have become more frequent. However, there are those hours where my sleep schedule has been hacked into pieces and I find myself awake in the wee hours of the night. During this newfound insomnia I think of everything and nothing. All of my thoughts drag on and on in my mind but in reaching for my pen, pencil, or laptop to record them they dissipate. Eventually I fall into a good passing out.

I did manage to ensnare one floating thought, though. I’ve been a firm believer since before I can remember that a human can never be satisfied. We all seek happiness. Could it be that even if we were the happiest a human could ever be, that we would miss our sorrows? Maybe for the same reasons that a child wants to be an adult and an adult misses being a child, all of us want things we can’t have. This is probably something that we all know already and I might even seem stupid for pointing out, but I figure that we all need a reminder. Perhaps there is no way to cure this disease called desire. I don’t know. I do know that it can get the best of all of us so… Be happy while you can!

Well, the good news is that my inspiration is back. Not even sure what all the above meant but… Fear not! Heh, the fat, happy, chip-eating couch potato in me will be back soon.