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Precision Time Keeping Revisited, Remixed.

My father decided to upgrade my gear… He just stepped by the office of ZeroXR and just asked me: “Zero, your other watch break on you? You want to come with me and look at watches? I think you could use the upgrade.” Naturally, I won’t reject the kindness of my father. His reason was that I needed a chronograph with the ability to never need batteries. So we hit up a jewelry shop and perused around… Found this gem sitting in the case:

Citizen Calibre 8700 Eco Drive
Citizen Calibre 8700

Click here for more details and specs

I was rather shocked that he went out that far on a limb to get me an upgrade. It looks rather nice… I know that I just need to get the watch bracelet adjusted to fit. I am definitely looking forward to wearing it. The spiffy part… it also has an alarm on the watch! The watch is quite stylish and timeless in its looks. It will be a great pleasure to don it while in casual slack mode.