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The Journey East: Unlocking Limits at A&M Commerce

Well… It was a fun journey. Sol and I had arisen from our sleep at about 5:50am yesterday to go east. We both couldn’t really sleep from how we both have messed up our sleep cycles. The first stop of course was to 7-11 for early morning refreshment and food. I had my 710mL can of Monster Lo-Carb with a croissant while Sol got a English muffin with a can of Rockstar Light Vanilla. After we scarfed down our food and all… The GPS from my phone got a lock on the location and directional data… We proceeded onward!

I will admit that 380 from Mckinney through all the way up to Greenville is horrible boring. Lots of boring roads and a whole lot of nothing. There was the lake, but I quote Sol on this one:

What the hell dude… It looks murky and with the branches sticking out of the waters… it looks almost like a marsh!” – Sol

We did however see lots of fireworks shops setting up their booths and trailers for the upcoming event of the Forth of July, sadly none were open… $3 artillery shells does sound awful tasty in retrospect. On jumping off of 380 to I30, we saw probably one of the greatest “1337” sights ever however the worst crime of it all was we were too damn far to take a damn picture. There was an Asian grill called………. Ninja Grill. For this infraction, I will post the address here for those who want to either pass by it, dine there, or phone them up:

Ninja Grill
1218 I 30
Greenville, TX 75402

Running I30 to 50 was another boring stretch of road again… but then again… so was running 50 until I finally was reunited with the “Welcome to Commerce” sign and the sight of Whitley Hall (my dormatory). This time around, the campus was rather busy with summer students living off campus and attending classes for the summer time. I would seek out the Agricultural Technologies building for the Arts and Sciences advisor to unlock my holds and sign up for classes. The surprising thing to find was the fact that I am basically a little more than half way done with my education. Take into consideration that I had been side tracked for almost 4 years and even quit school for nearly 2 years, that’s really impressive. I was eligible for an astounding 19 hours, but I decided to take a modest 14 hours just to keep things tolerable and try to merge in work. I will definitely have to see how my employment will work… because I know for a fact that I will have to seek some employment to finish the last of my car note.

I also managed to talk to my housing committee about my meal arrangements and reduced my plan to a lower scale one factoring that I will be completely on campus 4 days out of 7 days a week as well as buying bulk snacks and supplies. On top of that, most of the construction has finished compared to when I was at Commerce in January so I was able to take a look at the mess hall and Mane Card Office. I ended up getting my ID made so I could have it then and there rather than wait in a line to get it.

Other than that… The dates are settled. August 20 I am extracted out to Whitley Hall to commence preparations and acquaint myself to my surroundings. August 25th is my official “Mission Start” date for school and classes. I definitely like how my classes are configured… Sure, I have to rise at the tip of dawn, but to be done by 11am (save for Monday and a lab course that lasts until 6pm) is a fair trade. That gives me time for school work and working out which is ideally what I want. I know working full time and then carrying an encumbering debt was the main issue that hindered my education, but to be free of the encumbering debt is quite liberating.

Logistically speaking… Dorm move-in for the university begins 8/20/2008. Classes begin 8/25/2008. My assumption is that I am to make my final move on Sunday 8/24/2008. We will see how things hold up. I know for one… I do hope to keep ZeroXR 13mg in good shape.

A Ray of Hope and A Journey East

Well… Today’s been interesting. Found a decent little car windshield mount for my phone for cheap and I rather like it. It has my phone oriented in a way that can present my GPS clearly, which is very important for when that need arises. It didn’t cost me much coin and that made my day a little brighter. I will be testing it out on the open roads tomorrow.

Work at the office was rather relaxing for once and not at a frantic pace. I did however wire myself up with a 700mL “can” of Monster Lo-Carb and the reaction of my boss looking at the monstrosity of a can was priceless!

Really dude? Really? Thing looks like an oil filter.

Then my subordinate eating ice cream with chopsticks took the cake for the day… Yeah… A sad day indeed.

Things picked up knowing that Sol would be awaiting me at my residence. He will be accompanying me to my journey to Commerce.

My colleague wanted to meet up on launching himself as a brand on the web, so I would meet him up for food and drink while bantering about things. I did manage to network with him so it may lead to a tangent here on ZeroXR 13mg for a potential set of fashion and men’s care segments to keep unique content rolling. Rest assured, I will be playing with Linux distributions, games, and other technologies as well still. I am looking into the male fashion and care tangent as some have rather liked my work on straight razor shaving and anything for geeks looking into being stylish is always a good thing!

In 6 hours… I will awaken to drive to Commerce, Texas to discuss with my school about what I need to do before I may register for my classes and such. I know for sure that I hope to be back in the burg of Dallas by mid day to talk to banks and financial establishments on procuring monies for school. Let’s hope that I can hit the tasks I need to complete before everything surges at me like a river. I may have Sol assist me in logging my adventures tomorrow, so don’t be surprised if you end up seeing a few quotables from him.