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Returning to the Lyceum and a Work Out Log Entry!

So I am back in school Monday for my first day of FULL schooling in almost 3 years at a big school and it’s quite a change from the hell that is “thirteenth grade” community college. I must say that the experience has been fun and quite a blast! To meet kind people who know nothing of your past has been spectacular! The campus is bustling with activity and and there is a very vital energy that invigorates the place.

However, my return is not without difficulty… Sure, I do live in the “crappy” dorm alone, but I did not have luck on my side as my dorm does not have a mini-fridge and family feels I can forego needing a microwave. So I have had to be resourceful with my meal plan and make do with it or use my dining cash every now and then for minor snacks when I am burnt out on my stash.

I also restarted my workouts to try to account for the matter that I have been burning intense calories running up and down 9 flights of stairs and walking to classes. Obviously, my legs are strained out so I had to pick another muscle group… Yesterday it was abdominals.

  • 100 reps of crunches
  • 100 reps of cross crunches
  • Done in sets of 20 with a 5 second break in between sets

My abs are burning, however, today… I need to look into doing upper body work. Push-ups, triangle push-ups, and the exhausting decline push ups will probably be the fare of the day after my short sprint to Wal-Mart for calculator batteries.

Expect a post later today with a “furnished” tour of my dorm room… so far, my fans Kimi and Sol have noted that my single room is quite spacious compared to others.

“This is not a test!”

So it’s a Saturday night before school starts… I just had gotten done playing a game online with some friends and I was about to hit the hay and suddenly at 1:30am I hear sirens blaring. I also see the annoying strobe to boot… Then I could hear the hall staff on the intercom system saying “This is NOT a test! Report to the safe areas! Do NOT use the elevators! Use the stairs as instructed!”.

Naturally… I dreaded the stairs… I had been using the elevators to stave off from tearing any more adipose tissue as move in tore more than its fair share. Unfortunately, I had to shut out the poor screams of my muscles and power through the suffering. I took another descent down 9 flights of stairs just to wait at the gravel parking lot. From there, I waited until my hall assistants cleared for us to return. It was about a 20 to 30 minute wait. They had the police and fire department down to investigate too. I could hear many of the other students panicking with lines of “Damn… I left my laptop, iPod, camera, etc in my room!” I am basically texting my closest friends saying “So yeah… I lost sleep from this…”

After they came to a silent resolution… We were cleared to return. The staff was silent as to what happened, but every door marker had a hang tag that had a check mark (as far as I knew) for floors that I assume were clear. I would return to my room, but from the increased blood flow to my torn up legs to being amped on having to “haul tail” down from the fire alarm… I can’t sleep… Let’s hope I can exhaust myself to go to sleep.

Base of Operations Established…

So… Move-in was interesting..! It figured that it would rain on me, so I had to bide my time and wait until it was much more manageable to pack and drive. Once I had found a chance, I took it and ran! I crammed a bunch of stuff into Devil that it was ludicrous! I mean, I have played grocery Tetris before… but this was moving Tetris! The brunt of things was more realizing that after my break up, I didn’t have much to my name… After packing up my roadster, It was time to pick up a few essentials. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hair spray. After picking those up, I’d proceed to drive out to Commerce in a torrential outpour of rain. Most of my driving was below posted speeds with good reason. however once some of the moisture dried from the roads… I wanted to reach my own personal state of divinity. There was one point where I had to back down my speeds and that landed me in first gear again… from there, I could begin my ascent to the 7th level of Heaven. I would shoot my gears to 7,000 RPM and just engage gear changes at that point until I hit 5th gear. When I finally hit 5th gear… I was at a nice 100mph. Though I quickly backed down when the roads began to get uneven.

On finally reaching my dorm, I noticed a torrent of people waiting on the elevators… My mind instantly thought “This is going to be EPIC failure, but maybe the stairs can’t be that bad…” So on the first round, I went fully encumbered up 9 flights of stairs. I could feel the sweet burn from my muscle tissue tearing all over. It was something that broke the ho-hum plateau that my workout has been stuck in. However, on the 5th repetition, I was about to pass out… Lucky for me, it was about due time for lunch as I was running on nothing for a full 12 hours.

My first meal of the day ended up being a grilled cheese sandwich, fries, a meatball sub, king chicken casserole, potato salad, a brownie, and Powerade. Take account that I have basically been walking to and from places and using my roadster on a seldom basis, I may have found a solution to burn off my excess!

For pictures of my excursion, check out my Flickr album! Zero’s Flicker [Click me!]