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Saving a Demon and The Fall of the Ramparts

Of all things… Devil had an odd misfire issue. When I was replacing the spark plugs and the plug wires, I came about something odd… One of the metal firing contacts had corroded. Now, I need to figure why the service light is still on… I hope it’s not ’cause the misfire issue has killed my catalytic converter and possibly O2 sensors…

The school also will need $244 from me cause my student loans suck. I get the loan injection on 1/12 but I will have to scrounge up money somehow. Hopefully with a tolerable GPA, I will get more cash next school year.

My apologies for lacking a nice solid update as I have had some personal struggles come up I know I am highly overdue for my Men Science review. I have also decided to go ahead and work on an early Valentines special article too. I thank my closest friends and my loving girlfriend Ice for being so supportive in shouldering my personal problems.

As far as work… Let’s just say the ramparts are giving way and either leaders will fall or there will be mutiny among the crew. I have done my best and the sanity of the battleground will not hold.
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Pushing East to My Education!

What’s wrong with this… It’s 2:18am I am sitting at my sparse office of ZeroXR 13mg with a few trashbags of accumulated junk that need to be thrown out and parts of my “dormatory” prepared to be slopped together in Devil for the “first heat”. I haven’t even arranged things for the “second heat” that my family wanted to assist with. I have prayed for this day to come and it’s literally 6 hours away… Why? Why do I feel anxiety..? Why am I itching with horrid insomnia?

I should be happy and elated to finally begin a chapter of my life that has been derailed for 3 years… To be able to proceed to the next stage where I can achieve my dreams… Most of all, the ability to realize my full potential. I guess it’s because I have worked like a work-horse for the past 5 years and have known nothing but to work enough to survive. It was like the mantra of “Work to live” rather that “Live to work”. I know that there were also some foolish decisions that also lead me into the life of demise I had…

I guess I should bolster my strength to hit the hay so that I may make a safe journey to my dormatory. I should probably lighten up my car with throwing out any filth and garbage. I probably have a good few pounds worth of garbage and junk inside my car and in the trunk. Heh… Least some weight savings will ease my trip east with regards to messed up gas prices.