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Revival of the Self – The Fitness Logs Return!

With my $500+ in parts being shipped from Trussville Mazda, I will be doing 60,000 mile service soon. I figured that going too extreme may be a bit much on my system to go from home routines of jump rope, sit-ups, push ups, crunches, etc… So I will restart my efforts at the gym again with lots of cardio and some weights again. I hope to rise early and just begin my power regimen again.

I will probably order my supplements soon and pick up some of the “essentials” locally. Creatine, L-Glutamine, and possibly Nitric Oxide to help boost my results. I am debating on adding a thermogenic to the mix to amp the energy of my workout, but I am open to suggestions that any readers would like to give me. Keep in mind that I work and then also work on ZeroXR.com as my second “job” so if you have instant or more portable supplements, let me know!

Dead Sure Supplements

  • Whey protein (18 grams of protein per shake, post workout)
  • Clif Builder Bars (snack, 20 grams of protein per bar)
  • Multi-vitamin (One-a-Day Men’s Formula)
  • Creatine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Activate Xtreme testosterone booster (only for a 2 month duration and discontinuing)

Maybe Considering

  • Redline liquid thermogenic
  • Nitric Oxide (i.e. NOexplode)

My big issue right now is burning fat around my abs and chest to hopefully turn those target zones into muscle. I have exerted dietary control and a work out heavy on crunches and other ab exercises… yet nothing seems to be nixing the fat. I am not gaining any fat due to a control caloric intake so it has me perplexed. Anyone who’s a “gym freak” or “fitness junkie” who can offer tips would be appreciated. I would like to get more progress than the dead wall I am at and forge new territory.

For accountability sake… I will update my Twitter to show that I am at the gym. Feel free to encourage me or drop a motivational comment! I will give it all or nothing!